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    Lessons to be learnt from a Shadow

    Though the formation of a shadow is a scientific phenomenon, I feel many of its characteristics can be compared to the real life.

    A shadow is formed when the light is blocked by an opaque object. A transparent object like a clear gas never casts a shadow since it allows light to pass through it. Similarly in life also sometimes we block the light of knowledge and opportunities coming towards us. This leaves a shadow of ignorance and failures behind us.

    When we walk facing the sunlight our shadow falls behind us but if we walk with sunlight falling at our back, the shadow falls in front of us. For anything we do in life we always experience a mix of optimistic and pessimistic thoughts. But if we face towards the sunlight of optimism and positivity then dark shadow of pessimism and negativity will be behind us.

    Wherever we go our shadow always follows us and never gets separated. If we are following any aim or passion in life then we should follow it like a shadow and never abandon it.

    Shadow is only formed in the presence of light. Similarly in life, if we are ambitious and keep trying new things and try to gain knowledge then definitely we will get shadows in form of doubt and questions. But if we keep ourselves ignorant and in dark and do not try for anything new and stay in our comfort zone then we will not have any doubts or questions and hence we will not grow.

    Our shadow in sunlight changes in length throughout the day. It is longest during the early morning and evening and shortest at noon. Similarly in life shadows of misery and failures will not remain the same throughout the life. It will keep on changing from less to more and more to less. Hence we should not get demoralized.

    A shadow takes the same shape as that of its object. Likewise, our words and actions take the same shape as our thoughts.

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    Nice contribution from the author. A shadow is the prototype of each person which follows him or her where ever they go. Elders used to say that even though they die, they will follow us through the shadow and guide us in the trying times. Many are afraid of the shadow, but it is nothing but our own image. And most people are afraid of shadow image during nights as they fear would get bad dreams. That is too much thinking on the negative side. Our shadow moves the way we move and hence we need not worry about its overtaking or having a say on our personality.
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    A good narration by the author. The inseparable relationship between a person and his shadow is brought out very nicely.

    Shadow is one of our part only and goes with us wherever we go. It reminds us about the darker side of the life and prepares us to fight the challenges to progress in the life.

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    A good explanation by the author. The shadow is inevitable to form if you can adjust yourself in such a way that the shadow will be behind you, you will be successful. Being Optimistic, not allowing doubts to crop up negativity in our mind, keeping clarity and being open to new things may make you successful in our life.
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