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    Are we consuming fake vegetable cooking oil or mixed oil in the name of any brand?

    Recently I have seen in news items that the oil what ever oil (Groundnut oil, Rice bran oil, Til oil, Soyabean oil, Sunflower oil etc.) we are buying should cost many more times what we buy usually in the market. Usually in market we get any of the above oils for about Rs.80 to Rs.130 per liter with brand name. Only few companies they sell their oil at very high cost . For example, at present Groundnut oil is available for Rs.95 to Rs.110. But the cost of Groundnuts per kg is Rs.85. To extract one liter of oil, 3Kg. groundnut needed. So to get one liter of oil the cost should be more than Rs.250. But how we are getting for low price. Is it the low mixed oil what we are getting? At my childhood time my grand parents home they used to get til oil by sending till seeds to Ox ridden mill. The oil is very pure with fine fresh smell. So from this we can infer if the vegetable oil is very costly means it is pure? What is the clue behind selling oils at low cost by companies regardless the cost of raw material from which they are extracted?
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    The til oil sold by Idayam is costly. It is costing more than 250 rupees per kg. That is pure only. We purchase that oil regularly. Another good brand AS brand til oil. It is also costing more than 250 rupees for kg. This is also a good quality material and there is no mix up in these two oils. But as mentioned by the author, many oils are not pure and the manufacturers may be mixing some other ingredients which are cheap. It is not known. In my native place in East Godavari District of AP during my childhood, we used to procure til oil from the Ox ridden mill. These days these mills are using motors in place of OX and they are manufacturing the oil and it is also costing around Rs.250/-
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    Yes it is the fact that what we are consuming vegetables and oils are not that pure as we expect. Every cooking oil is added with vegetable oil and thus made the edible oil. The vegetable oil may be from any plants or seeds to which we are not made aware. During my childhood, there used to be Dalda which was used as the supplement of the ghee and one fine morning rumors were agog that cow tow has been added in the product and that was banned. Even Jain Shudh Vanaspati has faced the same problem. Again the Dalda brand has been doing business and the content is made from vegetable oil.
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