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    If someone doesn't toe your line of thinking, is he/she immaturish?

    Every day we come across situations where someone has a different opinion than ours regarding one thing or another. The other person may have his own reasons, experiences, IQ level to think the way he/she does. If his/her line of thinking does not conform with our line of thinking, should we brand the other person as immature?
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    Life is the process of learning. Fool are those who fail to understand the great fact that everyone does not know every thing. A small boy may impart a great knowledge to the elder and vice versa. And learning from every one matters and here there is no caste, creed or religion. Even illiterates have great ideas which we do not know. Most of the mechanics are not even done the regular studies, yet they understand the problems in nice way and attend to it. What I mean to say that If our IQ level is low also we need not worry. Just because one thing is not known, we are no mean to others.
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    Learning is a continues process. No one is perfect. On the same subject, different persons will have different opinions and there is no rule that we are correct. The process of interpretation will vary. We need not think that we are only correct. For reaching the destination there will be many ways and we may choose a way another person may choose another way. So if there is a difference of opinion, we can't say that the other person is immature. There is no measure to the knowledge. In a particular area you will be good and in another area, another person may be good. So thinking about others as immature shows our immature.
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    Every person is great to himself/herself. Their line of thinking need not be same as others line of thinking. A person who thinks that the other person is immature is a fool. "Katrathu Kai Mannalvu, Kallathathu Ulagalavu" is a Tamil proverb which means - What we learned is only a fistful size, and what we haven't learned is the world size. No one is fully matured in all arenas of life, but all are immature in many fields of life.
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    One of the things that shows sign of maturity in humans is the ability to appreciate and understand other's opinions. If one cannot take your opinions into consideration, he is truly immature.
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    Different people have different point of view and it is not necessary that they should match. One man's meat is another man's poison.

    If someone is not agreeing with our point of view then it does not mean that he is less intelligent than us.

    There is no relation between the intelligence of two people and their mutual understanding regarding issues.

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    Toe the line implies discipline, more or less fall in place as expected. This doesn't apply to thinking. I would be disheartened if people around me agree to everything I say.
    Having a different view to a point or issue does not necessarily related to a higher or lower IQ, I think, it is more related to professional experience, knowledge (read and practically gained) and most importantly lifetime's experience.
    So, I don't think we should brand him/her immature unless there is a narrow-minded vested interest lurking behind.
    In ISC itself, I'm loving the AE section, for instance, I have read questions wherein the answers have different approaches/ suggestions yet, most of the views get approval and good cc. In the forum itself, there are some threads that have different opinions (for instance, the flag thread of Mr.Sun), it doesn't mean that one is more mature or more immature, it just means that yes, this could also be a reasonable point to be considered.

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    I would say if we brand someone who doesn't agree with our point of view as immature, then we ourselves are being narrow minded and kiddish.
    We all appreciate the beauty of agreeing to disagree. That we learn so much and our world view expands.

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    Hats off to Natarajan for connecting the two dots (read threads). Maybe, he also was offended and may have found the words of editor concerned aggressive.

    But, looks like that he missed an important component of the thread in reference. I used the words - toe your line - and Natarajan said that 'toeing the line' implies discipline. Or , maybe Natarajan understood everything but was being modest with words.

    What I feel is that there was no need for the editor concerned to be judgemental (calling someone more mature than others) in that thread. Moreover, his words - more mature - were aggressive and offending to the member(s) opposing the flag of ISC. Till the response of the editor concerned, five members were for the flag and five were against the flag despite the admin awarding 10 CCs to the thread. So, how does that make one less mature?

    @ Tony, I am not trying to disrupt the smooth functioning of ISC in any way, but passing on a judgement - calling one or more members as less mature - was uncalled for. I hope, 'Zero Tolerance Policy' applies to one and all.

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    There is no question of dissent or difference of opinion. If the Editor finds an opinion mature and other opinions immature, we have to accept that. This is required for fruitful discussion in the Forum section.
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    I do not think the Editor has gone wrong with his response. More mature doesn't mean that others are immature or less mature. The concerned member is more matured than the other matured members. All at ISC are matured enough to discuss issues. ZTP has no relevance to maturity at ISC.
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    Member(s) are requested not to divert the thread.

    N.B. I did not raise any objection in the thread concerned so as not to divert that thread from its original topic.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    Response #644438 has diverted this thread and put it off the track. That talks about the Editor, the CC, maturity level and ZTP. Why?
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