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    Sun's Jallikattu for fun and joy

    Dear All,
    Here is the Jallikattu again. Given below are Nine bulls in which a letter is missing. You need to find the correct alphabet to fill in the blank. The bulls are in a jumbled order. To get the the right bulls, the clue is - The jumbled missing alphabet put together will form a name of a place in the world. This word is the bull controller.

    Kindly post your responses to my e-mail ID "" and post a response here that you have mailed your answer to my e-mail ID.

    The last date for posting your answers: 1200 hrs IST on 10th August 2018.

    The Bulls are:

    1. L_G
    2. _OOM
    4. P_T
    5. _INE
    7. REA_
    8. SIG_
    9. _OGUE

    The first and second fast all bull fighters will be suitably awarded from the ISC Virtual gift shop.

    Why wait, Shoot, please.

    @ Update:
    For the benefit of new members,

    Dear Members,
    It is very simple. Here is an example as to how to go about. Given below are three words(known as bulls) with a missing alphabet. The Clue is -The three missing alphabets in a jumbled order would form a name of a state. I call the word as bull controller.
    1. S_T
    2. LE_
    3. R_AD
    The missing alphabets in the words are S(A)T , LE(G), R(O)AD. Hence, the missing alphabets AGO will be formed as GOA, a name of a state which is the bull controller.

    Hope the new members will understand and try their best to get the right bulls and the bull controller.
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    I have sent the list of my answers just now, including the words and the name of the place.
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    Madam Vandana,
    Roger to your E-Mail.

    No life without Sun

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    Mr. SuN: As many new Members have joined, you may explain the rule to them so that they can also participate.
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    Yes please explain the rules .

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    Yes I have also sent the reply and also named the probable place where the Jallikattu would be held.
    K Mohan
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    Partha & Dipti,
    I have updated my summary with an example as to how to go about with the Sun's ISC Jallikattu. The words are known as bulls, and the clue word to get the right words is the Bull controller.

    Mr. Mohan,
    Roger to your E-mail.

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    I too have sent my answers Sun. Hope I'm right.
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    Aditya Mohan,
    Roger to your e-Mail. You have not indicated the name of the place in your e-mail. Kindly send the name of the place(Bull controller) through another e-mail.

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    Sorry Sun I feel that I'm not up to the task. I would like to withdraw.
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    I tried to solve this Jallikattu but I could not find the bull, so I did not submit the answer. Best wishes to the participants.
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    Tomorrow 10th July is the closing date for this Jallikattu contest. Kindly try your best to get the right bulls with the bull controller with the help of the clue given.

    No life without Sun

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