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    Primitive pilgrimage in Paris- The first friendship.

    (The story revolves around two cavemen Lej and Benut. They both set out to visit Lej's papa's grave. The moonless night sky holds an obstacle to their journey. The characteristic involved in this friendship is admiration. The gift is "fire".)

    "Let's rest for the night and resume the journey tomorrow. Get inside the cave and warm yourself with the furs", I suggested. But Lej looked disappointed. Every fifth moon of eighth winter we both visit Lej's father's grave, situated in Paris. Lej just wanted to be blessed by his dead father on his birthday. "Lej! Marr. Call him inside", I order our wolf. Marr lovingly called out to him but Lej was busy striking the stones he found outside the cave.
    "Benut. Wait. I've got this", he said confidently striking the stones together. Lej, despite being five winters younger to me, is good at everything. Everyone in the clan praises him. He is very creative. He keeps making new tools. Two moons ago he taught me to knot a rope. I get to learn a lot of things from him. But today I guess sadness has driven him mad.
    One of the sparks from the stones fell onto Lej's furry coat and instantly it started burning. Lej threw his coat off and smiled at me. His eyes, sparkling brighter than the blazing coat told me that Lej had invented something revolutionary. But our Marr didn't like this invention. He kept barking. Looking at me Lej asked what should we call his invention. "Hmm. It is your invention. I will call it 'light' after you,Lej", I replied with joy. "Uh? But I wanted to call it 'Fire'. Because that is the sound it makes. But look Benut. We can use this to see at nights. We can use this to reach my Papa!", Lej exclaimed.

    Lej put some dry lichens in an antelope skull and lit them with his "fire". Marr now somewhat lost the fear he had initially. With Marr's exceptional nose and my Lej's "light", we reached Paris, to Lej's papa's grave. I left Lej alone for few moments with his father. "Done Lej? Sit down with me", I said.
    He sat beside me and petted Marr. "Lej. Why do you stay with me?", I asked. "Well. You are funny. You take care of my wolf like it's your own. You took time to accompany me this far. There is no reason not to like you", he said frankly. Marr licked me too. "What am I to you Lej?", I asked.
    "Hmm. We are not related by blood. So I'll call you a 'friend' Benut", he said,"and every fifth moon of eighth winter, we shall celebrate 'friendship' day. You are a person I can give my fire to. Hence, a friend."
    Lej handed me over his 'fire' saying that it was my present."Feed this fire like you love me",he said. "Lej. I'm truly grateful that I found you and Marr in my life. I love you both", I said and hugged them.

    Thus fire and friendship became humanity's weapons in this harsh world. Let us celebrate the "friendship day" honouring our society.

    (My entry for the creative contest .
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    The relation of fire and friendship well narrated and gave more credence to the cause and thus friendship becomes more importance to us no matter where we are.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is a lovely narrative and seems like fire really had a history in friendship. Very nice concept and well narrated.
    All the best !

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