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    Rehabilitation of this labor class is a huge State responsibility

    Some years ago, the Supreme Court of India ordered that there will no more manual scavenging and those engaged in such a horrible service will be rehabilitated. One does hear that in a very small town called Kumbakonam, a Robot is now going to do this job.

    This is the most interesting and welcome development. One does not understand why this is not being done all over. Hopefully this horrible practice will come to an end.

    However, the State Governments should now engage the men and women in some regular jobs as peons or security guards and lower division clerks if they are suitably qualified. They should also be encouraged to study further, if they are non-matriculates.

    The monitoring of such rehabilitation has to be compulsorily done by the Supreme Court of India and not the Government of India. Each Chief Secretary has to report to the highest court the full details of whatever has been done.

    Can we get going on this social development of the most oppressed people?
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    Let us wait and see. As per the directives of the court, the state governments should act as required. Based on the education level of the person they have to find out a job for the person and rehabilitate him there. But are we ready with required automation for doing away with this manual scavenging? So once they are equipped with the required facilities the process of rehabilitation will start. Probably the court might have given a target date also for this.
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