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    The serial suicides of these serial personalities should stop!

    Of late, one often hears the depressing news of suicides of some famous serial personality. There are often some rumors that he or she had some love affair that failed and so on. One really does not know the truth except for some gossip that is reported in the local press. Oftentimes, one does understand that the actor was busy in both Telugu and Tamil serials for example and hence money would not have been the issue.

    How do we control such suicides? Even when the society thinks that these people are relatively well off in economic terms, such suicides seem to be happening in a serial fashion.

    May be some counseling by some experts can solve this problem. What do members think?
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    At times, many murders are branded as suicidal deaths. The high handedness of the rich makes anything possible to convert murder into suicide. In the past, many young celebrity actresses have died, and they were branded as suicidal deaths. The truth also died with them. Very recently, one of the celebrity actress expired. Her death was concluded as over drinking and slipping into the bathtub. The real cause of the death is hidden behind the bathtub.
    No life without Sun

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    There are suicide cases reported among celebrities. Many of them are reasoned as depression or a love affair or marriage failure etc. But as mentioned by Sun many of them are really may not be suicides. They may be cold-blooded murders. There are many celebrities who will fall in love and they will get deceived afterwards leading to these suicides. They earn a lot of money and they practice all bad habits because of the quick money they are getting. Unfortunately, they will get disheartened once they get dejected and take severe steps like suicide.
    I feel the mentality of these people should change. They should be at their limits even after getting a lot of money and they should not leave the ground. Then only these problems will come down. Otherwise, deaths will be happening like this only. Many Telugu actors/actresses were killed and later on during the police enquiry they were declared as suicides. The facts are known to the God only.

    always confident

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    I believe creative people are quite sensitive and they take to heart what others may just brush off as rubbish. Also, since they enter their field at a relatively early age, they are exposed all the glamour and riches much sooner than others do. Hence they may not be mature enough to handle their new found successes.
    Some just behave ridiculously foolish and commit foolish mistakes.

    Anyway, they are celebrities and their world is entirely different from our own. What is the reality of their lives, only the insiders can know. We just know what the media tells us and that should be taken with a pinch of salt as we all know.

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    What I feel that most of the serials be in any language is based on more than one husband and one wife story line and thus emotions run across the tv actors who have to show their profess. In that process some may really fall in love due to their intimate scenes which are also produced and shown. But in reality they are doing such scenes for the sake of viewers and as the story demands, but those actors are also human beings and have inner feeling of having affair with the co actor. In that way many are going in the wrong direction of liking each other where as the artiste ia already married one and would reject the proposal and gets the dejected mode to serious mode and hence suicides. So I blame it on the directors and producers Tamil and Telugu serials to desist from churning the same kind multi love stories and that gives rise to suicides later.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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