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    What has happened to Investigative journalism?

    If my memory serves me right, it was sometime in 1978 that the Indian Express carried juicy stories of the A R Antulay scandal, that blew the lid off the Congress Party's self defense. It exposed corruption in high affairs.

    It was superbly documented and the writer, whose name was Arun Shorie, later became such a famous writer and also a politician. He in fact initiated the disinvestment process of many a Public Sector enterprise, when Vajpayee was the Prime Minister.

    The same Arun Shorie is not very active now. How is that the horrible corruption of people like YSR Reddy and our own third rate Ministers of Tamil Nadu, are not being investigated with proof and exposed in the media? The last of such documentation, to a large extent happened through a fearless fortnightly magazine called Nakkeeran, which exposed the multi billion dollar swindle of the Sasikala clan.

    When will the investigative jounalism be back again in its past glory?
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    These days Journalist and news media and channel are also becoming political. They support a party. So they will try to hide the issues pertaining to their affiliation but try to expose the other parties. In such attempts, the real journalists who are working only on the issue but not worried about the party are getting sidelined. That is the reason many genuine people are not getting their works published. Another issue is no sooner some allegation comes, the opposition party will make it a big issue and immediately an enquiry by CBI or some other agency will be ordered. Once it is started nobody will go for a separate investigation.
    As long as the media and journalists are biased we will not get the correct information out even though it is available with the agencies. Even in the case of YSR's Son CBI has done a lot of investigation and charge-sheeted. But nothing happened. He is roaming on the roads saying that he will be the next CM of AP. The Central government is silent oh this.

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