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    Cyber Cafe are a rare sight now!

    It was only a few years back, just in the vicinity of our area we had 6 Internet Cafes all of which are closed now and instead some other shops have sprouted up.

    The Internet has really become so cheap now. All thanks to Jio, others have reduced their prices by tempting unlimited offers. Many mergers happened so that even other telecom industries could survive. Many have stopped giving services, at this pace if Jio turns out to be the only telecom industry, won't they increase the price at their own will?

    I happened to visit my college recently and we had computers with internet connection in the library when we were students. This time when I visited, those were removed from the library. It seemed it was no longer required.

    Cyber cafes were blooming when I was in college, hardly a few years and it's gone. I wonder what more replacements we would get to see.

    I do wish that libraries, books, and the newspapers would never get replaced, at least for the next century, which I am sure will slowly vanish down the line.
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    These days the smartphones are our offices. Every smartphone will have data cards and they don't require even internet connection also. They can do all acts on this phone. Even the desktop or laptop is not required. Your smartphone is sufficient. In such a case where is the necessity of a cyber cafe. They are all gone cases now. Now kindles are coming on which we can load as many books as we want and we can read them. Even many people don't visit libraries. Google search has become very convenient and we can search for anything and everything.
    Coming to Jio services. yes. If only Jio will there again rate will increase. So it should not happen for the sake of a common man. There should be some competition. Otherwise, they behave as they like.
    But as an old-timer, I feel libraries, books, newspapers and pens should not vanish. They should continue for many more years. I always feel comfortable reading a physical book than on Laptop or computer.

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    Cyber cafes are a rarity but some still do exist. But of course they have had to upgrade their services. The one around the corner of my house now does all sorts of high grade printing and copying. Also, they book tickets and run courier service.
    They also mostly have customers who are on the elderly side and have not kept up with the speed of the digital world. Agree they may be one to a dozen.
    They also sell cola and chips in order to make people stick on for a longer time, maybe.

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    With the data rates coming down, the need to go to cyber cafe for surfing is not there as everyone has a cheap data pack in his mobile.

    Now people are only going there for taking prints etc.

    There was a time when we used to wait outside the cyber cafe for our turn to take position for surfing.

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    Yes those who were running the cyber cafe as converted them to e sava felicitation center through which forms uploading, scholarships applications, Aaadhaar corrections and other services are offered. But there are some internet cafes which still exists but there are only few takers who wants the system for urgency works. Though smart phones has enabled the access to internet, when it comes and scanning, uploading of the files, it is the internet cafes which has all the facilities including color xerox etc. So there many not be full demand, but the internet cafes do exist for survival.
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    Although the number of the cyber cafes has definitely decreased, it has not yet become a rarity. Even in Delhi, we still see many cyber cafes. I stay at South Delhi and in the nearby DDA market, there are two cyber cafes. Yesterday, I went to Mahiplapur (South-West Delhi), and I noticed many cyber cafes in that locality and all of them were full of customers.
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