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    Why are we so bad that we do not write letters at all?

    A friend of mine, who caught up with me recently, complained that he had not received any letter from me for such a long time. Some six years ago, I would send some letters by post and he had welcomed them. He would reciprocate too.

    A few whats up messages to him some thirteen months ago, did not elicit any response. Since I was so busy, I forgot him totally.

    There are people like this friend, who like to see our own handwriting. Those days, the inland letter and the most humble letter sent through an envelope meant so much. Today, we have become so mechanical that even birthday wishes are no more than a simple whats up message. Even when we subsequently land in the very same city, we do not appreciate that we need to drop in and give that person some gift. This is not even done in the case of missed marriages, which we are not able to attend.

    Why? Why are we so selfish? Since this rat race is making us so mechanical, should be forget basic things like writing letters?
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    The culprits are the electronic medias like Mobile phones, computer, internet, e-mail, facebook, twitter etc. that made us to forget the habit of writing letters. We can still write letters, but not sure of getting it delivered, as the postmen are not much interested in delivering letters to the addressees as they have no much letter to deliver in an area. There are lethargic postmen who don't like to spend the time to carry and deliver one or two letters to their respective areas. The post offices keep them in dead letter boxes. Many post offices doesn't have post-cards, envelopes and stamps, as they are not printed sufficiently .
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    We cannot blame the e-medias, it's just a matter of habit and choices that we make.

    If Humankind would not progress, we would still remain in the world of stone age man. When people used to write letters though it would have a personal touch, it would take days to get it delivered and so they greatly desired a faster mechanism and technology made that easy. we shouldn't dread that.

    I would love to write letters to my friends but again its a matter of convenience and the fast-paced life that we have adopted.

    Writing or not writing letter definitely doesn't define us as good or bad.

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    Right,we should not blame media,technology etc., as we are the major culprits. By using the technology we should improve our ownness. Writing letters,sending greetings/condolence letters should never given up on any account. Example in my personal life. A relative of mine from Mumbai enquired a condolence in my paternal uncle over phone of their landline. The attended person was my aunt's side relative who forgot to convey the message to my aunt and others. After a month gap we were discussing whether the news reached him or not. On enquiry with him thro' me as aunt should not speek to others did rectly being not enquired. I came know that Mr.x was attended his phone. If he would have wrote a line such confusion would not arise and this makes me to remember my grand father's words who trained me to write letters immediately on receipt of any good/bad news.

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    These days, we do not trust the post offices, but we fully trust the courier services. Letters despatched through courier offices, get delivered without fail. But they are costly when compared to the postal charges. This is also one reason why we don't write letters frequently. We use courier services only to despatch important documents and official letters , packets and parcels.
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    The letter writing is a gone habit to many people these days. Emails, WhatsApp message or Social media interactions are the order of the day. Talking over the phone is another way of communicating these days. These days everybody is in touch with all the friends and relatives through WhatsApp message. Even invitation for functions is also coming through WhatsApp messages. No Physical letters, Invitation cards, greeting cards and similar things are outdated. No one wants to waste money and time following these methods.
    My father used to write letters regularly and even today he writes letters to some of his friends and he receives replies from them.
    I almost stopped writing letters. Of course, sometimes official letters we may be writing but communication with friends and relatives are only through phone only.
    For my elder son's marriage, I have posted 40 invitation cards through post under certificate of posting. But 50% of the cards were missing and when I contacted my relatives they said they have not received. Then I have to post them again. From that incident, I last faith in Post offices.

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    In my entire life, I have only written letters twice. One to my friend and other to my cousin sister . This was at least 30 years ago when we were kids and thought we were doing something fascinating by writing this kiddish letter. Never again have I had the necessity to write an unofficial letter.
    Also, one of my aunt lives abroad and she has been there past 25 years. I can recall how everyone in the house awaited her letters as that was the only means of communication with her those days . My grandmother used to store all her letters in one box and fret and reread those again and again if the next was a little delayed.
    These days she is available for video chat any time . No more sweat on that.

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    When I was in Delhi for five years, writing of letters to the parents and friends were the routine part and my father in those days used to send me the reply post card, so that I need not waste time in purchasing a card as my office was in Industrial area and there is no post office nearby. So I was writing letters regularly. This happened between 1980 and 1985 and afterward, the writing of letters has completely withdrawn and gone. Now a days we are habituated with video calling, chats and message on the mail or the whats app. But I too feel that by discarding writing letters, we are slowly forgetting the writing habit and some times we ponder over spelling mistakes too. One thing is sure even the customary signature of ours would be forgotten if we completely shun the writing part. At least we must practice the signature for 10 times daily to maintain the same originality.
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