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    Do your helmet have air ventilation?

    As there is a precautionary measure for road safety programs as the helmet is a compulsion for all who drive the two-wheeler vehicle as some people will always reluctant to have a helmet because the helmet will spoil your hair and also you will have a lot of sweat when you drive for long hours.
    Do your helmet have air ventilation? Do air ventilators helmets are there for buying? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    We need not have ventilated helmets as the front portion of the helmet is good enough to get the air in while riding. Ventilated helmets don't meet the purpose. I am a regular helmet user, and I have no ventilated helmet. I am fully comfortable with the ISI mark helmet STUD that I have. I don't get head ache or any other ache, and my hairstyle doesn't get spoiled as I have no long hair to care.
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    I don't have a two-wheeler. so I have no helmet. My second son is having a helmet and he regularly wears the same when he is going on a two-wheeler. As far as my knowledge goes there are good helmets which are very comfortable for people. The only point is that they should use the same regularly. There are some helmets with ISI mark which are of good quality. It is very safe to wear a helmet without fail when you are driving a two-wheeler.
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    Dr Rao,
    Is your son's helmet ventilated for air to pass through? This thread is about ventilated helmet, not just helmet.

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    Today I saw a cyclist helmet in Amazon that had few holes in mouth region. Does that qualify as ventilated helmet? When it comes to motor bike helmets, the one without a glass shield looks comfortably ventilated, you know, the one that Amir Khan wears in PK. Why not use that? Now ventilation or no ventilation, hair is going to get disrupted. Look for the helmets with specially designed pores on the top. These pores lets head have more padding and the space is also greater than conventional helmets. This will save your hair from sweat.
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    Yes my helmet has the ventilation at the mouth region and that gives enough chance to speak while on move and regarding ventilation on the top, I keep open the helmet glass and that will bring the enough air circulation on my move. Since I wear a cooling glass to my eyes, the helmet glass is not required. So my purpose is served and wont feel the sweat as presumed and felt by others. But certainly black helmets penetrate the peak heat of the summer inside the head portion and really irritates when we are stopped for at least three minutes at the signals , otherwise no complaint.
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    I regularly use a two wheeler and my helmet does not have any extra ventilator systems. For the regular two wheelers in city limits, most of us use a full face or semi-face helmet with a visor. These have enough space for the air to reach the faces. Most of us use a cotton cloth on the inner aspect of the helmets to prevent contact of the hairs withe nylon inner lining of the foam.

    We do have helmets with air vents and boosters that acts as ventilation systems. Most of the high speed bike riders use expensive helmets that would meet the European standards. These would have air inlets in the front parts over the chin region or the forehead region with rear exit vents. This would enable flow of air while driven at good speeds.

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    I have a good quality helmet. When I purchased it, I checked the visor of the helmet, its sturdiness, whether it is comfortable, or not. I didn't ask for additional air ventilation. My helmet is quite normal and I am satisfied with the ventilation it gets. I have no complaint in this regard.
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