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    What do you prefer - prompt decisions or prudent decisions?

    We are in the jet age. Everyone is in a hurry. People do not have patience to wait for things. Everything is required to be done immediately without any delay.

    People are under pressure and sometimes they are taking decisions in a hurry and the results are disastrous. They think that they were able to take decisions promptly but later they only repent on their actions.

    On the other hand there are people who consider the detailed pros and cons of the situation and issues before making any decision. These people are prudent enough and get the appropriate results and outcome.

    What is your take on that - prompt decision or prudent one?
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    I wouldn't say all prompt decisions are imprudent decisions and vice versa. Say for the medical profession, a doctor handling an emergency situation has to be super quick in his decisions. A delay of split seconds can be fatal for the patient. Take the case of warfare, an army can keep polishing its weapons waiting for the battle to begun but once it has, every fighter has to be alert and responding with alacrity to save his life.
    Quick or not , our decisions should turn out be correct as far as possible. After all, the result is going to matter not the time that we took to take that decision.

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    When a decision needs to be taken urgently and at the spot, we cannot think of prudent and that should be prompt only. When my father was faced with Gangrene on his toes, and he was having severe pain and was rushed to the hospital. First we thought it would be outpatient treatment and that was assured by the doctor. But on going there, they advised me to consider amputation immediately otherwise there is risk for his life. Just imagine. I was alone with him, have no time to consult others as there was no cell phone facilities and at the same time I want to see that my father survives. So I gave the nod for amputation and within one hour he was operated and half of his left leg was removed and that was really moving experience for me. And when my brothers and sisters started visiting hospital and scolded me for taking that harsh decision which was prompt , doctors told them that my decision was prudent and need to be appreciated.
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    Everybody would say that he/she prefers prudent decisions. But in many cases, if the decision is not prompt, it would have no value. So, promptness is also a factor to judge whether such decisions are prudent, or not.
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    My stand on this issue is dependent on the situation. If a patient requires immediate first aid we should look around for a hospital and take him there and get the first aid done. Instead, if we go on thinking whether the doctor is good or not, time will move and the patient will be in trouble. Once the first aid is given and the patient is stable then you have to think about the hospital which is good, convenient and economical for you and then shift him to that hospital. Here the first decision is prompt and the second decision is prudent. So both are correct. When a train is moving your first decision should be prompt that is getting into the train and then go on searching for your compartment and search for your berth. When you want to purchase a property you should not go for a decision in a hurry. You should think various accepts of the issue and then only you have to decide on the property. Like this, the decisions should be either prompt or prudent based on the situation and issue.
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