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    Poem- A Girl's Heart

    When I started to say.
    My Heart that day..
    No one was there.
    But I knew the way..

    I walked alone.
    I had no phone..
    No one came to help.
    But the problem was own..

    The longer I walked.
    The deeper I thought..
    The people I loved.
    Were tearing my throat..

    The lights were dim.
    And people were GRIM..
    I knew my fault.
    It was trusting him..

    No gods No maps.
    And destination collapse..
    People were looking.
    With handful of traps..

    People were fright.
    And leaving my side..
    Those who were my smiles.
    Were now out of my sight..

    I started to ran.
    As fast as I can..
    But the ferocious monster.
    Resides within man..

    This world is hell.
    Worst than cell..
    People slept calmly.
    While hearing my yell..

    They really never care.
    No matter if I am scare..
    They kept on taunting.
    Till my end was near..

    I finally decide.
    To finish the light..
    I extinguishes my soul.
    With piece of a knife..

    Even I died.
    And some people too cried..
    But my hunter still lives.
    No matter I tried..

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    This poem is heart wrenching showing the harsh reality of the world. No matter how hard you cry, no one really bothers and carry on with their lives .
    Whether you choose to live or die, it is your own gain and your own loss.

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    A girl's heart is like candle as it melts when it glows and it gives greater light in the final moment of extinguishing. The same feeling I got from this poem. Great contribution.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think the poem is incomplete. I would like to see the full version. But as far as I read I liked it. You did well my friend.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    A well-written poem. The agony of the girl was very well brought in the poem. How cruel is this society in not caring for the agony of the girl is described well? The person deceived her is still alive but the girl finished her life. But there is no change in the society. Nobody bothers regarding her death and continue their own works. Like this how many girls are suffering in the society is not known. Thanks to the author for the nice work.
    always confident

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    A Good poem with good rhyme . I must say that it was from a coward girl's heart who ended her life. I expect some bold girl's heart from the brave Rajputs.
    No life without Sun

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