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    Why not films created and made on the lyrics penned by the fans of the unit ?

    Now a days we are seeing much creativity in each aspect, thanks to the exposure and encouragement being given in social media. Most of the films have at least 3 to 5 songs and the producers and directors are insisting for new lyrics and new music. Old lyricists may not fall in line with the demands of the producers. In that case the film unit can call for lyrics from the fans of the movie being produced and if that lyrics is approved, the credit be given to the fan and even money also be offered. How about this suggestion?
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    It would be nice if the film makers publish a situation (not the story) and invite the lyrics for a song from the public, and select the best and include it in their films. Thus we can have the best song. But, to be successful, the Music directors will have to work hard to get the right tune for the song. If the song is a hit, the person composed the lyric should be suitably awarded and announced.
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    A good idea. But I think the producers want always keep the storyline of the movie as a secret. So announcing the situation where they want a song may not be possible I think. Instead what they can do is, give a hypothetical storyline and situation and ask the people to contest on the lyrics making for that situation. later on, all the lyrics received can be seen by a small group of people involved in the movie making. If they select any one lyric as the best, then they shortlist the names and call them. The situation can be explained by these shortlisted candidates and they may be assigned the chance of writing lyrics for the movie with a suitable response.
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