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    The mysterious appearance of UIDAI’s toll-free number on mobile phones

    Isn't it creepy to have a number added to your mobile phone directory automatically? Just imagine the consequences if some person or some organization had direct access to our phones, laptop, and the other devices.
    For this particular incidence, anyone out of three- telecom service providers, mobile manufacturers and operating system (OS) providers like Google and Apple could be responsible.
    None of the three entities mentioned have taken up any responsibility.

    Data security is in a big threat and danger in this digitally exploding and dependent economy that we are currently in. Data theft is on the rise and even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to publicly apologize for the data theft scandal in his organization.
    We as users should be alert to what and how much information are we putting out there on the web.
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    It is true. We are making our confidential data vulnerable to many by incorporating the data into all our mobile phones and websites. We all talk about Aadhar Card and our privacy. But we never realise the potential threat we are having by giving all secret data to unknown people. We all know this fact. But tempted to have all the fun on smartphone and laptop, we will forget the safety and security factors involved. These days we install different apps on our phones. During that process, we will allow that app to access our phone information fully and there we are losing the confidentiality of the information. We should not put our Aadhar card or pan card on our system. It will lead to problems. So users should always be aware of these problems and they should restrain themselves from feeding unnecessary information into the system or phone. Please be careful and avoid being a suffer from cybercrime.
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    I have read this news in different places and also got the WhatsApp message in circulation that says the number is added for hacking purpose. This is a nuisance if it is added automatically on the phone's contact list and surprisingly all the parties associated with the whole process, like the telecom service providers, UIDAI and different OS platforms have denied their role in this.

    Here I would like to mention that whenever somebody is installing a new app on the android platform, in many cases the contact list is accessed by the app. So, when it is accessed by the apps, there is every possibility of our contacts being shared throughout the whole internet. I am just attaching the screenshot of the permission of access request of BHIM app, that will speak for itself.

    Data security is the biggest challenge because everything is connected now and if there is no proper security in place then we can't imagine what it may lead to.


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    Since Google has already apologized for the gaffe in including UIDAI toll free number in android phones, the matter ends there and it need not be discussed.
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