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(This thread is the Special Prize Winner of the TOW contest for the week 5th Aug – 11th Aug’18)
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    Suffering from Monday morning blues or are we happy it's Monday again?

    Mondays mean Work - Get, Set and Go! Monday makes its presence felt typically from Sunday evening itself. Children need to finish their homework, pack their bags and their mothers fret about the ironed uniforms and polished shoes. Meal plans are made for the week and things to do lists are drawn. All working men and women start to plan mentally what all work needs to be done at the office and what targets are to be achieved this week.

    Many times I just remember Monday morning and the next thing I know its' either Thursday or Friday afternoon. The week just flies by without any time to think.

    It is not without reason that we need a shot of kadak Chai or hot coffee to get over " Monday morning blues"!
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    After having two lazy days with family, again start going to work is really a nightmare. So Sunday night we all will not have good sleep thinking about the next day morning. We have to get up early, get ready and start to office or school with a bag on our back with food for the afternoon in the bag. Work. work and work. We will be busy whole day and go back home in the late night with full of thoughts for the next day planning. The five days will go fast without much enthusiasm and with routine works. We will get rejuvenated on Friday evening thinking about the two weekend days and we will go home happy with plans of outing for the next two days. This is a routine for almost all employed class and students. But I know many people who carry homework from the office for those two days also working from home for these two days disturbing his subordinates during these days also. I pay my respects to such people for their commitment towards the work.
    always confident

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    I cannot imagine taking work home with me. No brownie points from the boss on that for me. I think it is either a serious lack of efficiency or the need to impress the boss. Without a break from work, I think we lose motivation and freshness. If we are not rejuvenated ourselves, quality of work will definitely suffer.

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    I have seen a T-shirt showing "Bad Day, Bad Day, Bad Day, Bad Day, Friday Evening, Saturday, Sunday". I think the company which manufactured the T- Shirt has shown the opinion of the majority of the IT employees. But I think it is true for almost all of us. Yes, it is true that the week flies fast but at the same time the weekend also flies fast which in turn makes us older, which we are not able to realise.
    Irrespective of the kind of work, if we look back for 5 or 10 years, we won't remember anything that we have done in our organisation as the jobs are monotonous in nature.

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