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    To whom you vote in general electon: A party or a person?

    In the general election, it is always better to vote a person instead of a party. But practically we always vote for a party, not to a person. I have observed that the people generally vote for a candidate of the particular party, not to the person. If we really want to make a good democracy, we should vote for a good person.
    If we will vote for a good person the party will also provide the ticket to a good person which would necessary for our democracy.
    I want to ask a question, to whom you vote in the general election: a party or a person?
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    Definitely, I will look for the candidate's profile. Even though I have an affiliation for a party. if the candidate is not a good candidate I will not vote for him. But if the party is a really good party, it should not bring bad people for contesting. If you see the present MPs record many of them are having cases against them and there are people with corruption charges. This is not limited to the candidates of a particular party. Almost all party's are having candidates with cases against them. A person with a case against him is not eligible to get a government job but he can contest as an MP or MLA in the election. I think this rule should be changed. The candidates with cases against their name even though they are not proved and even in the court such people should not be allowed to contest in the election. This is very much required. But nobody is ready to bring in such changes as in our country for elections a huge money is required which can come mainly from such people only. As long as the vote politics is in place nobody can change the rules here.
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    A good person makes a good party but nowadays all people shows they are a very good person and make big promises during the election. But after the election, he forgot his promises. So the public always confused about what they have to do. They always think to give more chance maybe this person can help us but always when the person enters the politics then he forgot his responsibility.

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    We have to vote for a election keeping a party in mind. Because it is the party that make promises and not the candidate standing for it. And the party has come to our street to seek the vote and of course the candidate may be known , familiar or the old face of the same party. But if a voter was vexed and want a change, then he has to read the list of candidates standing for the constituency which is being displayed at every entrance of the polling booth. That will facilitate a quick re think on whom to vote. Nevertheless most of votes are polled through already pre -notion of the electorates and that is why we find sweeping of votes in their favor in certain constituencies. What I feel elated that for that one day each voter is considered as a God for each candidate and they are ready to dole out anything to have that one vote which makes the difference in their life.
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    If the elections are for the sate or national then my preference would be to check for the party rather than the candidate alone. The reason behind is that the vote is for the state and national behalf and not for an individual. Individual person do not have a full voice or rather better to say this way, it is the national or state interest of the party which holds a stronger voice than the individual. The individual have to work according to the party manifesto . The state assembly is what is required to make or pass the bill, it a matter of state as a whole.

    The scenario is different in the case of punchayath elections. we are always in contact with the candidate. I would give preference to individual candidate.

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    In today's world brand matters & so different political parties have associated themselves with a certain brand & identities. Wherein the BJP it's PM Modi, in Congress party it's Rahul Gandhi & so like wise it goes in context to the regional politics as well.

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    In a democratic set up we have in our country, individuals cannot rule, either in a State or National level. We are following a democratic set up where political parties are coming to power. An independent member can do little in that set up.
    Perhaps, after the election if he comes out successfully, one party or other may take into their fold. This particular party need not be the one which is preferred by the voter. But if he joins hand with the majority party, at least he will get an access into the government.


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