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    How many of us will consider joining Politics ?

    We all are very interested and concerned about the state of affairs in our country. We all want India to be among the top of the best nations of the world. There is not an iota of doubt about the same. But what is also true is the reality on the ground. We keep complaining about corruptions, laziness, scams, and general inadequacy in terms of effort and willingness to get any job done.
    The problems are infinite and real. But how can we contribute and become change makers? I have seen from personal experience, my own involvement will speed up the case no matter how small a problem.
    Politics is a bad word in the general sense. Has anyone ever considered joining politics as a career for making sea changes in how our country functions? My question is for the general public who never had any political relations in the past.
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    To join in politics and flourish in India a huge money is required. Without that, you can't survive. When NTR formed TDP party In AP he invited all new persons to his party. Many new faces came and they won the elections with the popularity of NTR. At that time money was not important and no senior leader from other parties joined in that party. Even Chandrababu Naidu joined the party at a later date. Recently another actor started a new party in AP and all the people from other parties joined the party and procured tickets by purchasing them at a very high cost. But that party couldn't win and later on got merged with a big national party. The difference is very wide and how the importance of money increased in politics can be understood from this. So a person who has to work from morning to evening to have two square meals a day can't think of joining in politics in India and nobody will invite him to join also.
    So we can only observe what is happening around and we can show our anger but we can't get in. It is possible only on the small screen or big screen but not in a real life these days.

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    Well joining politics should start from the college union level itself where in many colleges the new union is formed after the admission process are over and the students would elect their own panels through ballot paper procedure and thus a democratically elected student union president shall strive to get the basics of the students addressed and serve as the bridge between the college management and the students. And this efficacy of a good president would be closely watched by the political leaders as every party has its route in the college working from back the stage. And thus a good student leader would have a promotion to politics by virtue of his following among the students. During student leadership, how he understands the problems , how he address the students, and how he tackles with the college management are the testing times and that would decide the future politician of the country.
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    I wish to join politics. It has caught my interest ever since I've been participating in Modern United Nations competitions. Each time I debate about a topic, I feel like I'm a literal representative of a country.
    But India has too much of dynastic politics. There are occasional exceptions, but they took ages to reach the point they are today now.
    You need to have connections to survive politics. And also you need to have an amazing intellect to survive politics. If I think I've acquired them both,I will join politics.

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    Discussing politics is one of the easiest things that we could do but joining politics is not the everyone's cup of tea.

    Politics is also a career line and with efforts, hard work, availing opportunity, coming in good books of public and with leadership qualities one can aspire for it.

    The most interesting thing about this line is that it does not require formal education. The average knowledge and common sense will suffice for the purpose.

    One has to put a lot of hard work as a party worker and there is tremendous competition when the time comes for selection of the leader of the party. Only those who have guts to deliver and influence the masses can come up in this line.

    Those who have such attributes can only success in this line and other gullible, simple, compromising and mutually co-existing persons go for the normal professions in this world.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In India, brand matters irrespective of the quality & reliability of the product & the same applies to the politics as well. Your existence will only matters if you are associated with a brand. Inhere, we could relate this in context to the party like the BJP or the Congress to name a few. The author is right in its statement that the perception of the individuals have been changed about the politics & this change in perception is for sure not good in general. In the existing process of fighting the election & administering is not an easy job as for this you need to be of the same type. For a straightway personality, its not possible because this required to be of huge diplomacy within & with others. This on the other way characterized by how far we can let ourselves to the cheapest of levels.

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    In addition to the above I would like to admit that exceptions would always be there because we having such politicians who became the inspirations for many on different aspects. I know that many will not agree with me on PM Modi but who cares. The world follows him & that's good enough.

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