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    States done well in adopting energy efficiency measures

    The first-ever report on the State Energy Efficiency Preparedness was made jointly by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and NITI Aayog. Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab and Rajasthan have done exceedingly well in adopting energy efficiency measures, says this report. With highest points, Kerala (77 points), leads among the States and Union Territories. The second place goes to fo Rajasthan (68) and Andhra Pradesh (66.5) is in the third position
    These three States together with Maharashtra and Punjab scored more than 60 points and were designated as Front Runner States in the survey. This report assessed State policies and programmes aimed at improving energy efficiency in five key sectors such as buildings, industries, municipalities, transportation, agriculture and electricity distribution. The report says the periodic release of the State Energy Efficiency Index shall help track progress in managing States' energy footprint and provide guidance in formulating data-driven, evidence-based policies and programmes at the State level.
    Congratulations to the front runners and keep it up.
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    It's a good news and congratulations to all of the states for taking the energy efficiency measures in a remarkable way. Energy is essential for the growth of every sector, be it agriculture, industry or household requirement. There are a few states in our country where every household could not be provided with electricity due to various factors.

    The fuel reserve is running out fast and alternative measures for providing clean and cheap energy is becoming essential. With the different energy efficiency measures, this major problem will find a way out and hope the remaining states will follow suit to face the challenge.


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    For any state it has to have control over energy spending and good that some states are stands as example in maintaining energy efficient methods. Here let us talk about power energy being saved by India. After Modi government came to power, new LED street lights were fixed removing the either too sodium vapor lamps which was having high consuming of electricity and thus many states were not able to cope up giving supplies to even domestic customers. This year almost all the states have fixed the new lighting and the country has saved a lot and there was uninterrupted power supplies to farm and domestic sectors. In Telangana this summer we have not faced any power cut and forced shut down and our street lights are new and they switch on and half automatically and thus there is no wastage of power energy. Like wise other sectors should also save energy for future.
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