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    Regarding a deleted Forum post from a new Member

    Please refer to the following deleted post:-

    Blank post

    I read that thread and submitted a response as per my knowledge. Reading the thread, I felt that the author (most probably a new Member) has been undertaking an in-depth study of Ramakrishna Paramhansa, the famous sage of Bengal, and his disciples.

    The thread has been deleted. I thought that the matter was shifted to the Ask Expert section. But now I don't find this as a Question. I don't understand why the matter has been deleted.

    Doesn't such action dishearten a new Member? I think that the matter could have been transferred to Ask Expert Section.

    This is my humble opinion.
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    I don't remember seeing this particular thread. Probably the thread was deleted by the time I logged into the site on that particular day. If the question is about such a topic why it will be deleted? This question is coming to my mind. There may be a reason which made the concerned editor to delete the thread. You might not have viewed the thread in that angle. However, no comments from my side as I have not viewed that particular thread.
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    Dr. Rao: Shri Ramkrishna had two classes of disciples. Some of them became monks renouncing the family (led by Swami Vivekananda). Another group remained in the family and also followed his teachings. The question sought details about one of the prominent disciples of the second group and his relationship with a famous temple of Puri. But I admit that the Member didn't explain this in her thread.

    But I think that that should not be the reason of deleting the thread. Transferring it in Ask Expert section would be a better option.

    (Another Member responded to the thread without understanding the issue.)

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    What I feel from the above mention that , if we are responding a thread, better to have the screen shot immediately and store it in our Google drive, so that it can be retrieved and shown to others during this kind of discussions.
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    Are we to take the screenshots of all threads and all responses? That would be a herculean task!
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    To the posts which are doubtful as per your experience here. And Google drive would save it for you if uploaded there.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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