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    Why this is so at ISC forum? Who will clear up the pending section?

    Dear ISC and Members,
    Today, with sheer interest, I got into pending section of Forums, and found four in number threads pending for approval. They are:
    Thread dated 28 March 2018 from Partha
    Thread dated 20 May 2018 from Venkiteswaran
    Thread dated 25 May 2018 from Partha
    Thread dated 27 May 2018 from ABS Kumar

    My question to ISC is -
    Why are they kept in pending section over a long period since March and May (120 days). Are there no editor or WM to care and decide the fate of these threads? What is the reason behind keeping them in the pending section for so long? How long would these threads be kept hanging in pending section? Who is responsible to decide the fate of these threads? Will these threads likely to get approved or deleted?

    According to me, no thread should be seen hanging for more than 72 hours. Decision should be taken to approve or delete withing 72 hours (3 days)
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    What I feel that the following threads are still kept in pending mode just because the topics seems to be interesting if not for us, but for the Internet users and hence kept.
    Integrating into new cultures, the Indian way ABSivakumar 27 May 2018
    I am not impressed by Sehmat! My wife and my daughter are disgusted Partha K. 25 May 2018
    Whose marriage in India can evoke the publicity & sensation as that of Prince Harry and Meghan Venkiteswaran
    20 May 2018
    Even now they won't be ashamed! Partha K. 28 Mar 2018

    K Mohan
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    I think the issues discussed in these pending threads are very complex and so the Editor(s) has/have not been able to take a decision. And as Mr. SuN has now raised this thread, these pending threads will be evaluated and properly deleted very soon.
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    Having read these threads and their responses, these have the potential to be side tracked quickly or have strong/objectionable wordings in the main thread or responses. The editors have a tough job of keeping in mind the freedom or expression and the rules of the forum. Hence the pending status. Regarding the 'TOT' turn over time for these, it would be appropriate for the editors to comment.

    Having visited these pending threads, my personal views would be

    Even now they won't be ashamed!. While the thread is about lack of respect for heads of state, the title and the last line itself sounds disrespectful/harsh.

    Whose marriage in India can evoke the publicity & sensation as that of Prince Harry and Meghan.

    This thread has couple of responses that have objectionable language and tone, this can get derailed quickly ignoring the author's original message.

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    Yes. These four threads are there in the pending forum section for long. As pointed out by other members, the editors are not able to delete it keeping the importance of the topics but the responses may not be in expected lines. That is why still they are appearing in the pending section, Now by seeing this thread the editors may take a decision at the earliest I think.
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    ISC editors should not waver to take right decision at right time. Also, the Web Masters of this site should over see the sections and take appropriate action, at least once in a week or fortnight. If the editors are not able to take a decision whether to approve or delete, they should contact the Web Masters immediately. Having a thread in the pending section for such a long period (120 days)is not appreciable. Web Masters should swing into action to look into pending section for necessary action. If not the WMs, the ISC ME should have looked into the pending section.
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    Refer this thread by our Webmaster.
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    Dear Editor,
    ZTP should not be applied if the members point out the ISC's mistakes for improvement. This is a caring thread for improvement from a well wishing ISCian. This is to tell ISC to care the pending section of Forums. I expect our ME or WM to respond to this thread.

    @ As an editor, you could have responded and justified the reason for keeping the four threads in pending section for a prolonged period instead of threatening with a WM's thread of ZTP. Else should have remained silent and left it for the ME or WM to respond. I would strongly recommend that the ZTP should be applied to the Editor for his inappropriate threatening response #644542.

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