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    The much talked-about WhatsApp feature has been rolled out.

    The new feature in WhatsApp is already in place. Few weeks earlier, WhatsApp announced that they are going to launch a feature by which we will be able to know whether a message is forwarded or original. This was announced after the government of India requested different social media platforms to take measures to stop circulation of fake news and rumours.

    Those who have not seen the feature till now, please update WhatsApp with the latest version and you will see the indication in every message to understand whether it is the original one or a forward. With this new version, you won't be able to forward messages to more than 5 persons at a time. Hope this new feature will be able to help people to be more aware while forwarding messages.
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    Yes. WhatsApp has incorporated both the features mentioned by the author. Now we can't forward the message to more than five groups or individuals in a single attempt. You can forward to a maximum of five people or groups at one time. If we have to send it to 24 people or groups we have to forward it minimum 5 times. Similarly, the message is showing forward if the message is a forwarded message but if the message is generated by you it will not show the recipients as forwarded. If they forward the same message to somebody else then it will show that forwarded indication. It will help in knowing the originator of that particular message.
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    Thanks to Whats app for adhering to the government rules that in the wake of recent fake news spreading spree, the social network site has now introduced new feature which would enable the second receiver to know the message was original or fake too. There by having control over spreading fake messages across the country. This should have been done long back, but nevertheless the social media giant has understood the importance of this new feature and hope every whatsapp user updates with the new version and enjoy the chatting. Big thanks to the Whats app management for this new feature.
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    Yes I've seen this feature in work already. It works well. But I'm not really sure how this helps us identifying fake news. Shared news doesn't seem to appear as forwarded. Imagine I downloaded an image, which contains fake news. I can easily breach this security feature.
    I can easily propagate this fake news then right ? Verifying the source is always the best way to recognize fake news.

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    True Aditya. We can unknowingly forward fake news. How to know just from this feature whether a news item is fake or real? The only thing we can know now is whether someone has taken the effort to write a particular message e maybe like some wish on a special day. No one seems to be typing the greetings also. Just forward it is the way to be.

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    This is a good update from the author. Although the time I am about to post this, the application is being installed as the message is showing but I appreciate the government of India to force the company to come up with such functions. Few of the queries of fake or real would be depending upon the experiences of the user. The technology can be useful but still not everything is possible through it. The human intelligence also matters & we have to use it wherever possible.

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