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    Television is becoming harmful

    Nowadays television plays a very important role in the life of human being.we are getting advantage from television as well as we are getting disadvantage from it.Television is helping for many people like students, employees and so on but many people are not taking the right benefit of that. They are misusing it. They are not taking the right way as we can see that for every part of side where there are certain advantages and disadvantages are there where they plays a major role in it
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    Yes if the television is viewed for getting news information and seeing entertainment channels its ok. But trouble starts with daily serial operas. If you watch any serial on any channel for that matter there is more than one husband and more than one wife concept. What the hell message these serials wants to give. In one particular serial the main character ,a women, goes on change her husband at will suiting the story line of the director but in reality we never seen women having so many relations and coming back to the original husband. Such kind of serial would spread wrong message that one can marry more than once and thus it is against the law. Moreover when child labor is banned in other profession, we can see children are acting in many serials and sometimes they are abused too. And the child rights organizations keep mum on this ?
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    Here is what I observed. People don't really watch TV nowadays. With a lot of internet and streaming platforms around, who even watched TV. But now the real problem starts.
    Online streaming sites are not subjected to censorship. They can literally post anything. This influences teens the most. I think censorship of online series must be extended and taken care of.

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    The Television is called an idiot box for good reasons. Indian Television is quite impactful in churning out dumb programmes which are a total waste of time and energy. But the TV stars and producers have definitely made the big bucks. I believe churning out content has become of prime importance and quality is of nobody's concern. Apart from a few shows like Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta chasmah, it has been more than 5 years I have watched any other serial.
    Also, as they say, streaming is the future. So most of us are migrating to Youtube and Netflix. We even have our own show Sacred Games which was recently released for Netflix. Even the News is boring on TV as everything is breaking news. I can't fathom how many things are on fire in a day to become a breaking news.
    So it is imperative we choose our medium of recreation wisely.

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    For me, the television is hardly getting the attention these days. In fact the television is a gone fashion having replaced with the laptops & computers. The smart phones even found to be much resourceful then being spending time in front of the television. How is this so? Because in the television the programs works in a time frame which later on uploaded on the internet on different sites which have been made to work on our way. Any telecasted television programs during any of the time span, can be seen on our comfort in the internet through And so I don't know about how Television is becoming harmful" in the scenario wherein this is losing the attraction to other media platforms. The perception could be different to different individuals & so I don't find its good to make an objection either.

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    TV is losing its importance in the human life. Once upon a time, people used to sit before TVs for hours together. But these days the majority of people are not watching TVs. So to attract viewers TV channels are trying various methods. The go for unethical practices like spreading unconfirmed news and taking the side of a political party. By doing this they will encourage the party by spreading all the positives of that party and keeping the negatives as a secret.
    Another problem that is caused by the TVS is serials. They go on airing many serials and the way these serials are made and shown sometimes we feel we should not on the TV again. Earlier days many people used to watch these TV serials. But nowadays the quality of these programs is coming down and hence the viewers are getting lower and lower day by day.
    Only there are some good channels where they give some useful and educative programs which are really good for the people.

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