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    Parents should practice what they preach to their children.

    All parents will have dreams about bringing up their children with ethics and good qualities. It's a great thing to bring up children in such a way that they become good citizens in the society. Of course, children should be brought up as a good human beings and it is the parents who have to take this responsibility.

    However, few qualities like accepting people, sticking to moral values and being honest etc, need not have to be forced to learn but the children learn automatically from their parents. The children learn a lot from parents maybe good or bad things but it is common that such qualities will only be imparted correctly to children if the parents follow them. In case if the parents want to teach the children what the parents can't follow themselves, not all children will learn.

    I would also like to share my own experience in this case. In my childhood, my mother used to work as a labour in our neighbour's house to grow silk worms. One day morning, I was waiting for my mother to finish her work and get back home soon. I went there to check if the work is finished. I was surprised to see my mother taking initiative to make sure if the surroundings are clean and everything was alright to protect the silk worms. I asked my mother why she was so much bothered about it even when owner himself has left the work place and though her work was finished.

    My mother just replied "Every single penny I take from them is worth and I have to work for it." I still have her words in my mind.

    From then, I never complained about my job no matter how much pressure I had. I have seen people complaining about the work but what I feel is we are not being paid to simply take breaks now and then, chit chat with friends. I used to work till the last minute of my log out time.

    So, only when parents can practice such qualities, children can learn automatically. Please share your views.
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    True. Parents are the first teachers of the children. The children learn many things from their parents and elders. If the parents are having good habits naturally the children will also get the good habits. If the parents practice bad habits the same go for the children also. In this modern society, there are families where father and son will sit together to have one or two pages of alcohol.
    The author rightly pointed out that the parents should practice whatever is taught to the children. If the father advises his son not to smoke the father also should not smoke. Then only the son will take his father's words seriously. The good ways of life should be practised by the parents and should be taught to the children so that the children will also grow up in a good environment and become a good citizen of the country in the coming years. So always do it first and then ask the others to do it should be the concept always.

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    But this remains hardly the case. The elders can seen evident of not following the traffic rules, doing smoking & even forcing their children to behave on their terms & conditions. In fact there are many contradictions in between the two.

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    What is the use of those parents who teach big lessons to the children and wont follow the same. In the bus stop, queue system has to be followed so that every one gets in to bus and if there are seats they get the chance to sit. But I have seen that mother would enter the bus from the back door and the child would be asked to stand in queue or vice versa. That means either if mother or child could block two seats, they are assured of comfortable long journey. But they never feel that how bad others would think of them and their over action in securing bus seat. That is dominating character.
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