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    Where is Anna Hazare? What is he doing now?

    The once famous Anna Hazare, an old man who fought against corruption and who went on to fast until death, is not in sight and his voice is not heard now. Where is he? How is he? And what is he doing now?
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    Recently he was in news again. He declared that he will be going for a hunger strike from October 2 against the Union government for the delay in appointment of a Lokpal at the Centre. He criticised the NDA government, saying it had earlier assured the implementation of the Lokpal Bill, passed by Parliament and signed by the then president. Probably he is presently busy in gaining support for his fast from various sections of the society, He addressed the press conference and solicited the support of the public in his war against the corruption. There is almost two months time and this year Gandhi Jayanthi day he has chosen for his fast.
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    He seems to be surface soon as the election is approaching. This personality has established himself as the Congress worker & has seen even touching the feet of the Sonia Gandhi. I still didn't get about how the The Lokpal Bill, will contribute for better justices throughout India because the group would be comprises of the chairpersons who would be among us only.

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    He is still struggling to get his dream fulfilled. But many of his associates have settled down very well, one among them as Chief Minister, the other as a Lt.Governor and the third one as a Union Minister. It so happens that the leader continues to lead but the disciple become masters.

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    There is no meaning of bringing up Lokpal Bill wherein even the Supreme court judge has been doubted for his stands for various decisions in context to the Ayodhya temple case, triple talaq, illegal immigrants in the eastern border etc.

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    Who can forget the man that inspired the entire country with his "India Against Corruption"? He is very much active and as recently as on 23-03-2018, went on a fast for the inaction of the government in the appointment of Lokpal and solving the problems of the farmers. He ended the fast after six days when the Chief Minister of Maharashtra met him on behalf of the Government of India and assured action. Anna Hazare gave time to the Government up to August to take action. Now he announced a fast from 02-10-2018.
    Anna Hazare is a non- political person. He developed his village Ralegan Siddhi and it inspired some other villages like Taparwada to become liquor free and sound pollution free. We have to admire such people who brought a change in the public rather than commenting on him.

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    Only few days back he was not happy with the Modi government and made a scathing attack for not bringing Jan Lok Pal bill and warned further agitation shortly. Soon he will hog the lime light.
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