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    Which one is best for our health?

    We have lot many non vegetarian dishes to taste and eat. We have Mutton, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Fish and Eggs available in the market at all times.

    I wish to know which one is the best for our health. Is it Mutton or Chicken or Beef or Pork or Fish or Egg?
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    All the non-vegetarian food has animal proteins which are necessary for our body. Mutton is generally harmful as it contains a lot of fat. But chicken does not have so much fat and is considered better than mutton.
    Beef is also harmful. But fish and egg are good for health. Fish can be considered as a complete food and it does not have any harmful effect. Egg sometimes cause allergy. Many people have an allergy to the egg.
    So, overall fish is the best food of all the above-mentioned nonvegetarian food items.

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    The best food is the vegetarian food which is undeniable suitable to anyone of us but not agreeing with Mr. Hakimuddin that, "All the non-vegetarian food has animal proteins which are necessary for our body", instead the pulses are the proven low fat source of protein with high levels of protein and fiber which also consists of important vitamins & minerals like iron, potassium and folate. Still after so long we are not ready to believe that consuming non-vegetarian foods would resulting to negative symptom to the body like causes blockage in circulation and respiration. Non-vegetarians are likely to suffer from heart ailments, chest and stomach cancer or other diseases.

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    Mr. Ved Prakash Anand,
    Most Indians, may be 75 percent Indians are non-vegetarians , and leading a healthy life. Hence, this discussion is to discuss which is the best non-veg meat. The debate is not Veg vs Non Veg. It is to get the best among the non-veg food items.

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    I am a vegetarian. But many of my friends are non-vegetarians. Many times this discussion took place among them in my presence. Many people recommend fish as the best non-vegetarian food. Some people say the egg is the best. But the majority says fish is the best.
    When there is a comparison between Veg and NonVeg, many people say the vegetarian food is good for a good health. Some of the doctors also recommend vegetarian food for maintaining good health. But there may be a difference of opinion among the people on this subject. Some scientific surveys also proved that vegetarian food is the best food and the vegetarians will have good health and long life.
    But this may not be applicable in all the cases. A vegetarian person who smokes continuously may not be healthier than a non-smoking non-vegetarian.

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    As for as health and the non vegetarian source is concerned, it is also important how the dish is made ( deep fried, shallow fried or boiled).
    Fish and eggs are good. With regards to eggs being a good source of protein, if one is having more than one egg, it would better to restrict the egg yolk to one a day.
    Next would come chicken. Any lean meat (chicken without skin) and some parts of mutton and beef would be better than the rest.
    Some have the misconception that non-vegetarian food is bad, it depends on what the person eats as a whole during the day,age and the medical conditions too.

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    I am a pure vegetarian and hence may not reply this post in full and total. But I would be watching the replies of others to know for the knowledge purpose.
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    Mr. Sun,

    I am not intervening nor objecting to anything of what being said here but I have my views & those who don't like can ignore. In addition, I don't feel that I have added with any objectionable contents & so enjoy & move on. In your response to, "Most Indians, may be 75 percent Indians are non-vegetarians , and leading a healthy life.s", we need to go through few of sites or on doctor's advice who sometimes prohibit of such diets.

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    As the saying goes," shun the red meat". That means chicken should be healthier meat choice. Red meats have uneven distribution of fats, so eat your pork and beef in limits. Certain fish and poultry meat are white meats, which are less harmful to body. White meats and egg have unsaturated fats which can be burnt easily. So prefer those.
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    Mr. VPA,
    From time immemorial, and from the holy books, it is clear that non-veg food is in existence. From the Christrian era, goat is being eaten, and also the fish. Natarajan has said it rightly "Some have the misconception that non-vegetarian food is bad, it depends on what the person eats as a whole during the day,age and the medical conditions too." It comes under the food chain.

    @Note: Millions of goats, sheeps, cows, pigs and chicks are slaughtered and multi millions of eggs being produced regularly everyday for world consumption. Only India and very few countries has the vegetarians, and most other world countries are strict non-vegetarians.

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    Asking about non veg food. as per the raw meat content chicken has less fat compared to beef and mutton, its a lean meat. Eggs also provide enough protein; fishes are brilliant they have less fat and good content of protein but there are fishes on other side also.

    But asking about good for our health its a different matter, we Indians are the curry people. our dishes comes in different colors and shape like butter chicken, chilly chicken, beef masala, mutton korma, fish molly and so on. So as you though its the ingredients in the dishes which makes them unhealthy. Even if chicken is a lean meat a butter chicken would do more harm than a grilled beef. So beware of the curries.

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    Before the Inception of agriculture in human civilization, non-veg was the primary source of food and people used to spend most of their time in hunting.

    With time, the differentiations of veg and non-veg started.

    Anyway, out of the various non-veg foods fish and egg are considered most beneficial. As per some people even lobster and prawns are good non-veg foods.

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    Dear Members,
    I conclude this thread by saying that fish & egg is the best Non-veg food which is good for our health.
    Eat one egg daily.
    Eat fish thrice a week.
    Eat chicken once in a week.
    Eat mutton once in a month.
    Eat beef and pork once in a year, if interested. But try to avoid them.

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    I will prefer to say that vegetarian food is definitely better than the non-vegeterian one. It is free of harmful biological impurities which may be present in non-vegeterian food (especially the half cooked one).

    It is better to be a vegan from the other point of view also that is - love the animals, do not eat them.

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    Neeru Bhatt,
    Certainly. You are right. The Vegetarian food is definitely better than Non-vegetarian food. But in the world, 95 percent people are non-vegetarian. Only India has 30 percent vegetarians in the world.
    This thread was raised to know which is the best non-vegetarian food item among Egg, Fish, Mutton, Chicken, Beef and Pork.
    Therefore, I concluded egg and fish are the best among the non-veg food.

    @ Just imagine if we don't kill the animals that we eat. I am sure, it will outnumber the human population.

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