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    Authors posting a thread should sum up at the end and request the editors to lock the thread

    Dear Author Members,
    It would be nice if the authors raising a thread sum up their thread responses at the end with his/her concluding remarks. At the end, they should request the editor to lock the thread.

    What do you say?
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    Nice suggestion. But some threads are kept open for more participation even from new members who join on daily basis and thus summing up and requesting closing of the threads may not be possible from the author.
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    I think it is a little difficult. The threads will be active for ten days. So we should wait for ten days to give chance to members who may respond a little late. So going back to that thread and seeing all the responses and summing up may take a lot of time and we may have to be on the site for longer duration. It may not be possible to all the members to spend that much time on the site.
    Earlier during some discussion locking the threads after ten days automatically was discussed but it was felt that it may not be possible with the existing set up. So even though the author sum up it will be difficult for the team of editors to go on locking all these threads.
    Only thing is that all the members should remember and should not open the threads which are more than 10 days. Based on the interest the authors may review the responses as and when they have some time to do that.
    I generally read all the responses for the threads raised by me for 2 or 3 days after posting the thread.

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    Whatever may be. The author should watch his thread for ten days and sum up his thread or earlier as deemed fit.

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    Yes, I agree. Many Members including myself don't go back to their own threads after a reasonable time. Maybe subsequent responses from the initiator of threads don't get sufficient recognition in terms of points. So, there is no summing up on their parts. Mr. SuN has given a very reasonable advice to make Forum section more fruitful and discussion more meaningful. All regular Forum-writers must follow this advice.
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    Any discussion should have its end result. And the author of the thread is the right person to give his/her final opinion. Else, an editor too can moderate and sum up with a concluding remark. There may be some threads which may not require any opinion. Yet the author can say few words and close it. The discussion should have head, body and feet. The head is the thread summary, the responses is the body, and the sum up conclusion would be the feet.
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    I too feel that the suggestion put forth by Mr. SuN is worth considering. The thread author will have the advantage of going through all the responses such that he/she can respond to each. There are several responses which are very often repetition of others, but with only minor differences.
    Another advantage is that the author can restrict to one response covering all. After this reply is posted the thread can be closed. The lifespan of a threads may be restricted to two weeks.


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    In my opinion the exercise must continue till anyone of us has to say on the matter. The author has the right to start a discussion on his preference but how this is going to be the same person to conclude the things in the end. Wouldn't this be the biased then? In many of the discussions we are evident of the scenario wherein the members are not agreed to the author that even ISC had to interfere in order to keep up with the harmony within the members. This is not practical & so I would like to go along with the activities which we have been following since long as a natural process.

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    Mr Ved Prakash Anand,
    At least, the author member can conclude the thread by saying a simple words "Thanks. Indeed it was a good discussion" to the responders, if they cannot have any decision to post.

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    There is no such need to wait for ten days. Neither there is a need to conclude the thread. One fine morning you may find your threads locked by ISC without any rhyme or reason. ISC may lock your thread witihn two days without waiting for the conclusion by the thread initiator or without waiting for answered questions in thread to be answered.
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    Editors should not lock the threads unless otherwise it was necessary to lock, but let it open for ten days. If at all there is a need to lock the thread before ten days, editors should lock the threads with their good remark as the last response to that thread.
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    Mr. SuN / #644689, the forum is already having the option given to the author only by choosing the "best answer" in all the submissions. So don't we feel that the author has already shown his agreement to the replies by opting for the "best answer".

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    Mr. Ved Prakash Anand,
    The thread raised is not a question to answer, but a topic for discussion. The best points put up as response might be liked and selected as the best answer by the author to get satisfied, but the authors final opinion should satisfy the other members. The final words should come out from the author's mouth in writing.

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    Mr. Sun, wouldn't this be the biased then? How the concluded part by the author himself can be referred to as the logical & in the right perspective as the author would like to go as per his taste. In the current discussion, you have already initiated the topic that the author should come up with his/her concluding remarks in the end but in between there are members who are not agreeing to this & so what according to you should be the concluding remarks here. For me the concluding remarks, would only be based on the likeness of the author himself & so would be the biased one.

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    No Mr Ved Prakash Anand.The author of the thread is also the moderator and judge of that thread. His final decision should be accepted. If he/she in confusion, they will let it open without any decision, but with a thank you note.
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    No. The author is not the moderator and judge of that thread but each time he or she is justifying for his or her stand but instead it is the ISC who is the moderator here as the ISC is studying each of the discussions being going on including the current discussion so as to limit those discussions to its terms & conditions & the author don't have this controlling. By the way the ISC can't even be the judge here or for any concluding remarks.

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    ISC never moderates or post judgements. They are mere observers. They just watch the threads and carryout only deletions as required. Editors don't show much interest to respond a thread. Instead of holding a pen, editors have a eraser in their hand. This is the fact.

    @This thread has received 15 responses. Yet there is no response from any editor. This proves my stand.

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    I am confused here. If the "ME & the editors don't show much interest to respond a thread", than how come the points are added & deducted & even the values are assigned for comparatively good submissions. For me this is what the monitoring & judging is all about.

    In your response to the query of, "@This thread has received 15 responses. Yet there is no response from any editor. This proves my stand.", because so far the discussion remains within its boundary. If you want see the interference & comments of the ME & the editors than pl. go ahead & use any remarks not suited in this forum & you will for sure be evident of the actions on their end.

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    Mr Ved Prakash Anand,
    Alloting points to a response is by an automated system. Awarding CC is by the editor. This thread is much relevant to the editors too. Editors are welcome to post their opinion in this thread and can award CC to the best response. I have not gone against the ISC or editors. I did not cross the boundary.

    I conclude this thread by saying this:

    Dear members,
    As an author, please try to be with your thread and read responses carefully, and post a concluding remark, if you can.

    @ Editors, you may lock this thread, please.

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    It may not be productive, moreover, it needs time, efforts and there would be a bias that creeps in from the author's side. There would be a repetition of facts that has the potential to be modified and the author would get only 1 point.
    I think, the opposite, it should be left alone, if the reader or visitor to this site like a particular thread, then he or she would read the individual responses are conclude for himself or herself and form their own views.

    If the author is passionate about a particular topic, then he or she can sum-up in the end for personal satisfaction.

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