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    Big Chapter of political dynamism ends in TN. RIP Kalaignar

    Very disturbed to share with our members the bad news of Kalaignar Karunanidhi demise at the Kaveri Hospitals at 6.10 pm and he was aged 94. With this demise the political dynamism of DMK party has suffered a great setback. Because no one can match his speaking ability in pure Tamil to which even MGR and Jaya patted him. But old age wont leave anyone and he died after prolonged illness and for the past 11 days he was admitted to the Kaveri Hospitals in Chennai and the doctors gave their best attention. Please register your mourning messages here.
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    End of a era in local politics of Tamilnadu. DMK and AIADMK are the two parties ruling the state almost for more than 30 years as far as my knowledge goes. The great leader is no more now. Karunanidhi played an important role in the politics of Tamilnadu state. He was the only leader who can face strongly the other party leaders in the state. He had some say in national politics also. Now with his demise our country lost a senior politician. His son will take care of the party. I pay my respects to the the demised leader. Let his soul rest in peace.
    always confident

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    I am an ardent lover and supporter of Dr. Kalaignar Karunananidhi, the DMK Supremo who safe guarded the interest of DMK from the beginning and after the demise of Arignar Anna. No DMK without Kalaignar. A dynamic and versatile leader. Apart from his politicial skill like Chanakya, he contributed his best to the Tamil Cinema. A great politician and great orator and writer. Even at his old age, he never failed to read and write everyday. The Tamil dailies had a separate column for Karunanidhi's articles.

    India has lost a great leader. We miss this great personality. Nothing can fill this gap. May his good soul rest in peace.

    No life without Sun

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    Excellent observation by SuN. He was a great leader. The first and foremost thing that he did was to give the 69 percent reservation to the backward and most backward classes and the SC and STs. There are thousands who are against this policy. However, they fail to understand that T Nadu has made huge strides in all aspects of education only through this policy.
    Today, there are no dearth of good engineering colleges. Even those from average colleges get some job or the other. Hundreds pack off to cities like Ahmedabad and Mumbai for work. The only reason there are so many IT companies now in Chennai, can be attributed to Dr Kalaignar's vision of bringing in the Tidel Park, the largest IT park in the whole of Asia.

    Those who do not understand anything about T Nadu politics blame Dr Kalaignar. Thousands say that he hated the Brahmins. This was far from truth. He was a big friend to anyone and everyone. Even though I belong to this so called community, I will always praise him for all that he did.

    Dr Kalaignar and his son were the Chief Architects of the lovely bridges that have made traffic of Chennai still better than metros like Bangalore. The traffic is so huge and the money flows in all directions. The service sector is so strong. Chennai is home to over 75 engineering colleges and the world-class Anna University campus as well.

    There are so many good things done by Dr Kalaignar. Whatever modern Chennai is today, is all due to Dr Kalaignar's vision. It was he who made all the superb roads and developed both the ECR and OMR stretches.

    These are the centers of all development today. Tamil Nadu has lost one of the most brilliant administrators, a fine human being and an excellent orator and a brilliant writer.

    Yes, it is true that he was somewhat corrupt, but that pales into insignificance when compared to the one hundred thousand crore loot of the AiADMK. Dr Kalaignar at least made significant difference to Tamil Nadu in so many ways.

    Hats off to him!!

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    An era has ended with the death of Kalaignar M Karunanidhi. But there are differences of opinion among the Tamil people whether that era was a bright era or dark era. On the other hand, Tamil Nadu lost two stalwarts in quick succession. Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi. The next day after the demise of Jayalalitha, Tamil Nadu lost another stalwart in the field of journalism, Cho Ramaswami.

    The void is not very easy to get filled.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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