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    Unemployment allowance, do you support it?

    The State government of Andhra Pradesh recently approved NTR nirudyoga bruthi (Unemployment allowance ) of Rs.1000/- a month to people who are not having any employment. It was estimated that around 12,00,000 people will be benefitted with this scheme. Today the CM distributed the cheques to 50 people in a meeting. Some other states may follow this now.
    But my question is it a good practice to pay money free of cost to some eligible people without providing them any means of earning. I feel by giving money like this the government may encourage laziness in the youth. My Opinion in this respect is a good government should show ways and means to the people of the state or the country to earn their livelihood rather than offering them some small amount as an allowance. A person working otherwise will also try to get this money and the real person may not get the benefit. I consider this as prepoll gimmick. I like to know the opinions of the members.
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    This is a tactic practiced to improve their vote banks. It is a vote bank policy. Instead of going door to door to pay the people to get their votes, and get criticized, it is a decent approach to get the votes with appreciation. True, the government is encouraging unemployment and joblessness for the sake of getting votes to remain in power. Other states need not conform Aandhra Pradesh policies.
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    Many people don't know that unemployment allowance has been continuing in West Bengal since the early eighties. All the employed people have to pay a tax called Professional Tax @ Rs. 50/- p.m. and from the accumulated amount, the State Government pays a pittance to unemployed people. The amount being paid is ridiculously small.

    I feel that instead of paying a ridiculously small amount, the State Governments can arrange some proper vocational training for the unemployed so that they can earn on their own.

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    It is an election stunt by Mr. Chandrababu Naidu as youth are getting attracted towards Mr. Pawan Kalyan. In order to counter him, he brought this scheme. The other thing is, there were not many jobs created in Andhra Pradesh in the last 4 years. So, in order to pacify the youth, he thought this scheme will be useful. If he thought the scheme is useful, he might have brought it much earlier. But it won't create much impact as the beneficiaries are educated youth and they will vote in the manner what their conscience says.
    Leaving aside politics, how one will ensure that the self-employed educated youth won't avail the benefits of this scheme. This scheme looks dangerous. Once it gets started, in the next elections other parties may promise to increase the amount to Rs. 2000 and so on. It unnecessarily creates burden on the exchequer. If the Governments are providing money for higher education, it is ok as it will be restricted to 3-4 years, but unemployment scheme benefits can go for 13-14 years per an individual.

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    While appreciating the great gesture of Chandrababu Naidu government understanding the plight of unemployed persons to whom a monthly pension of 1000 is being given as relief to pursue their quest to the job. By doing so it has been proven that the new state has indirectly admitted for not giving the employment opportunities to so much people as of now. Just imagine with 1000 rupees as a pension, many may become further lazy and try have the pension , roam with the friends, have tiffin and meals at Anna canteen and thus they would further mislead their parents that in the guise of searching for jobs, they would roam and even go for movies as this amount would facilitate them not to depend on parents to seek pocket money. Though the self respect of unemployed would increase, but I feel the back lash would be more with this scheme.
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    Unemployment allowance is a good concept but it is not proper to use it in all situation. In some developed countries it makes sense as they have a smaller population and very few people are unemployed. In fact in those places people feel it to take unemployment allowance as degrading and humiliating as it shows that one is not worth of any job.

    In our country there are immense opportunities for jobs. There are cleaning and maintenance jobs, there are security and caretaking jobs, there are helper jobs and like that. What we are lacking is recruiting people in low end jobs and having good governance to take work from them.

    In fact there is no need of unemployment allowance in our country or any country where there is a large population and things are in a developing phase. We are in a phase of construction of facilities and laying of roads and metro lines everywhere. So there are immense job opportunities but people avoid these manual jobs and prefer to teach in primary schools even in remote places in our country.

    We do not have any dignity of work. It is also true that salary in low end jobs is also very less and that could also be a reason for this avoidance.

    So giving unemployment allowance is only going to deteriorate the situation further. People who are already reluctant to work will become more reluctant.

    We should learn lesson from our neighbour country China who is constructing futuristic roads and railway lines in remote places like platue of Tibet and a large number of people are engaged in that activity.

    We can also engage our unemployed people in one or two year compulsory army training and give them stifund instead of giving them this allowance.

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    Unemployment allowance is just a trick to attract the youth and get votes during the elections.

    If at all, the government is concerned about the unemployed, they can create employment for those jobless in some or other way to help them earn for their livelihood. As mentioned in #644652, there are chances that other opponent parties promise to increase the allowance and provide other facilities. This makes the unemployed people lazy.

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