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    What is better? Cotton or terry cotton?

    Even today, when the climate in most cities is very hot, there are so many people who opt for what is called the "terry cotton" fabrics. Is this fine or is the cotton better?

    I would prefer the pure cotton. True, we need to get them neatly pressed as we cannot wear them otherwise. Yet, they seem to be better than the terry cotton fabrics.

    Today, most ready made shirts, in particular, are pure cotton shirts. Even at this age of sixty, I find them very good. However, time and again, there are so many friends who think that cotton clothes do not last long and hence argue that the terry cotton fabrics are better.

    What is the actual scientific truth? Which is better?
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    Cotton is definitely better/hygienic because it provides scope for passage of air. It helps the person wearing cotton to remain comfortable. Terri-cotton does not provide this scope, but at the same time, it is dried very quickly after washing.
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    Cotton clothes works as air conditioner during scorching summer as we feel cool from inside. During my childhood there was craze for terry cotton clothes but slowly waded. Nothing can beat the comfort of cotton, but only thing is that we have to iron it and wear , otherwise looks shabby. But some people are wearing even the cotton clothes without ironing and saying that it is a new fashion. Nevertheless choosing a right cloth either normal shirt or the t shirt and that should give us the maximum comfort in that season, and that would be the best choice. Here the age of the person does not matter.
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    Cotton dresses are very good when compared to terry cotton. The cotton dresses will provide better ventilation and hence they will give you a good feel. The body will get dried easily and we will feel more convenient with these dresses. Especially when the sweating is more these cotton dresses will help in removing the wetness fast and the person will be very comfortable with this. Terry cotton dresses will not have this ventilation effect and in summer they will be more irritating also. Many people prefer cotton dresses only.
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