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    Which cities can be better developed for Tourism?

    Recently, an MBA student had to do some research and requested some help to identify the best cities where Tourism can be developed. The clear instruction was that the existing places like Ooty or any other hill station does not count. Similarly, the existing big metros or the cities like Vizag are also out of the list.

    The idea was to choose the best cities that are still underdeveloped but have immense potential for tourism, all over India. I did zero in on Coimbatore, Kumbakonam ( a temple town), and Madanapalli which has the horsely hills nearby.

    But he wanted a huge list with all facts and figures and the deadline is Friday. Can Members please help in terms of the names, so that we could collect more data from the internet? If there are unique places within the same cities, please do mention them here. The cities could be anywhere in India, but should not be traditional Tourist paradises like Agra. The idea has been formulated for better Marketing.

    Can Members please do mention any other cities. They could even be small cities. No issues.
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    Unakoti of Asom. There are one less than one crore sculptures there. It is situated in an inhospitable jungle, so it is also great for hiking.
    Patratu of Jharkhand is heavenly. There is a huge snake like road that leads to a dam. This could be the best spot for long drives, as sometimes even clouds descend to the valley.
    Halebidu in Karnataka has a lot of interesting architecture and temples. It is the best place to experience Vijayanagar empire.
    Junagadh's makhbara is also a very good eye candy. Looking at that tomb makes you realize that Taj Mahal is super overrated.

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    Your friend can consider the backward district of Mahboob Nagar which is yet to develop but has lots of potential tourism wise. Mallela Theertham , natural water falls, Pillala Marri, a huge banyan tree which need to be visited and appreciated for those who seek more interest in eco system. The huge forest range, the rivers and small temples which are yet beautiful to be developed as tourist place. What I feel that it all depends on the public to visit lesser known place but again if one done research and come with the great findings even lesser known place would be fit for great tourism.
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    Mr. Aditya Mohan: Unakoti is located in newly-created Unakoti district of North Tripura. It is just beside the district headquarter, Kailashahar. Perhaps you have read my following thread:-


    In addition, there are many towns and places in the entire North-East and in the northern and western parts of West Bengal, which can be developed as tourist spots. I have written a number of Articles and Forum posts on the lesser-explored tourist spots of North-East and West Bengal.

    But, personally I do not favour development of these tourist spots. The invasion of tourists may cause irreparable damage to the nature and culture of the inhabitants.

    Come as you are!

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    I wish to personally thank each of the members for their very valuable suggestions. The paper that will take the form of a powerpoint presentation is purely academic. May be, a suggestion can at best made to the concerned State Government. It is basically a marketing management insight that is sought at this stage. Thanks once again.

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    There is a place called Ravulapalem in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. This town is the entrance of Konaseema. Around this place, there are very good places which can be visited and there are some very unique places which will be definitely liked by the people. There is a place called Ryali which is about 6 Kms from this place which is having a very good temple where the main idol of the God is male from the front view and female from the back view. The sculptor is very good and once we see this place we will definitely appreciate the artist who created this idol. There are many natural beauty spots around the place within 15 Km radius of the town. Definitely, this place can be developed as a good tourist centre by the government. The area appears very good and pretty.
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    Oops sorry Partha. It is in Tripura I forgot.
    Well the thing is I watch a show called Ekaant on EPIC channel, which features unpopular but magnificent places in India.
    All my suggestions are picked from that show.
    I guess everyone who understands Hindi should watch it. It's an amazing infotainment.

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