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    Encouraging rural food festivals.

    Time and again, there are rural food festivals organized in some parts of Tamil Nadu. The villagers are requested to set up stalls and come out with their own recipes. One such was held near Madurai in the month of March.

    This is an excellent way to help the villagers to not only make some money, but it also helps the city folk to taste food that is not very commonly made. One such vada is the one made out of banana flower. ( after removing the stem from the middle of the individual flower).

    Are these functions being held in all States? It will give a big boost to the societal interaction also.
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    Just yesterday we had a festival called Bonalu in Hyderabad. It's a tribal festival held in all Telangana. There are many such tribal festivals in telanaga. Actually, before British, before Nizam, this state was occupied by various tribes. They could have been ancient tribes since their habits were so unique.
    Most of these festivals involve animal sacrifice.
    I just call them "desi-bakrid".

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    Rural festivals are the back bone of Indian's rich culture and heritage. Time and again Telangana government is concentrating and coming up with " Telangana Pindi Vontalu" through which culinary expertise of rural people would be brought to the idea of urban mass in live. Such food festivals when organized in Hyderabad attracts more crowd. During Dassara festivities another state festival called Batukamma, which a floral festival highly participated and celebrated by the urban and rural folks for the well being of their family. During that time TS government organize the food festival which would attract maximum crowd. In fact what I suggest that every year food festival must be held in all the states with the participation from other states and that would be befitting movement for the locals to taste all kinds of food at one place.
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    Such food festivals should be conducted in all states to promote the traditional cooking style. There are a lot of traditional and healthy foods we don't know.

    There are many dishes that tastes better than our pizzas and burgers which are also healthy. These type of food festivals brings out many unknown tastes.

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    There will be many tasty dishes which are traditional and known in a particular area. If those foods are tasted by the people in other places they may like it very nicely. There is a place called Tapeswaram in Andhra Pradesh near Rajahmundry. A special sweet dish by name Tapeswaram Kazaa made in this village is very tasty. Initially only people from that district only know about this dish. But later on many people migrated from that district to other places and hence that dish has become very famous all over Andhra, Telangana and even in some places in Tamilnadu. Now they are exporting this material to foreign countries also. There maybe many such foods which require a lot of advertisement to get famous in many places. These rural food festivals will help in making these foods known to many people from various places. So it is good to conduct such festivals and encourage small players to widen their scope and convert themselves as big players in the food industry.
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    This would be a good chance for people to interact, learn about the other delicacies and dishes of their own state. Apart from foodies, such events should be encouraged because, it brings in the traditional aspects of ingridents, cooking and at the same time gives a boost to the local economy rather than the malls and the fancy foods.
    In Bangalore, there are small but popular joints that offer rural Karnataka food items like Jholada Roti, Akki Roti, Bene masalae, muddhae-sopu saru, Thatae Idli, Donne briyani, Maddhur Vada etc.

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