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    Can we have more of the Antyodaya Express trains please?

    We have had the Indian Railways doing a wonderful job in the past four years. There have been a new waver of cleanliness in many Railway Stations and the wifi facilities are also superb. Though punctuality of trains is still a problem, there are new trains too.

    One such train is the Tambaram (Chennai) to Tirunelveli Antyodaya Express. This is a fully unreserved day express train. If such trains cannot be run for long distances. why not run them for at least the overnight routes? For example, one could run between Chennai and Bangalore or Chennai and Vijayawada, since that is the station to go to Amaravathi. From Vijayawada, we could have another day train to Vizag.

    In this fashion, those who do not find accommodation in the regular night trains can breath easy. For instance, if we have such a train to Vijayawada and Vizag that will also ease the pressure on the Chennai to Howrah trains that are always overcrowded. At the moment, such trains are cheaper than the bus fares and can also serve the social purpose.

    What do Members think on this?
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    A fully unreserved day express train is good but it is not preferred by any employees as they have to waste a day in the journey. Instead of that if we have a night journey it is better. But without reservation and berth night journey is difficult. There are some day trains between Vijayawada and Madras. Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam and even Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad. They will have some reserved seats and many unreserved seats. But similar trains in the nights may not be preferred by many people. But there is no harm in running such trains on a trial basis and see the response of the people.
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