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    Why not hang them in public?

    Should public hanging be the norm for rapists given the death penalty? Would it be effective in reforming others? Share your views.

    The Parliament has given its nod for death penalty to rapists. If this law can come into effect, why not go one step further and have public hanging?

    Yes, there will a problem of the concerned families being put to tremendous shame. Yet, when the shame itself is so bad, will it not at least make the beasts more responsible before they commit such a horrible act?

    In fact, there is already this demand raised in some quarters in Tamil Nadu, as the recent gang rape of a 11 year old in Chennai for over five months has invited the wrath of an entire society. Why not hang all the 17 culprits in public?

    Will it not lead to one reform in Indian society?
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    No matter how heinous an act is, we must not get carried away by emotions and punish recklessly. There are ways to handle the dead. You can't just hang someone in public. That will cause civil unrest, the last thing a democracy wants. Capital punishment is hanging in all the countries. That is the only ultimate punishment we are supposed to give. They are criminals for sure. Demons indeed. But subjecting a demon to torture or humiliation is an equally heinous act. We must follow our humanity.

    Vlad 3 of Romania implaed his enemies and let their bodies rest on long spears. This instilled terror his people and in his enemies. He was called the name Dracula.
    What you suggest is we all turn into Dracula?

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Public hanging has been banned in all civilized countries. Any type of punishment is prevalent in some middle-eastern countries. The jurisdiction in those countries is different and we should not emulate this type of jurisdiction. The demand by the author is impractical. It implies going 700 years back.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    What I feel that by giving the death sentence to rapist, he is already dead on the day of pronouncing the judgement. Just imagine the situation inside the jail. There would be hatred , non co-operation and absolutely no one would talk or behave with the death sentence person. Nor the family would be visiting him. Nor he would be asked for any last minute wish. If these kinds of ordeal are going to be confronted, what makes sense to hang him public. Moreover many may not be comfort in watching such sentences being carried out live in front of the eyes as we wont have the guts to see a person loosing in life in front of our eyes, no matter how worst he is. But Parliament has to be complemented for bringing this strict law and that itself shows the political will cutting across the party lines to accord maximum punishments to the hooligans.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree to all your opinions that public hanging is not a good signs. Yes, death sentence is the final punishment we can give to a person. There can be many who have faced the punishment for their cruel activities but there is no change the Demons. Every day we see a hell lot of such incidents repeatedly taking place.

    Where to put an end for such behaviours? How can we stop these beasts? Atleast the life of the prisoners who have been sentence to death should be telecast to show how they are being punished.

    If hanging in public turns us to draculas, then what we call such behaviour who torture the innocent, delicate women who suffer the ultimate pain?

    They should also be definitely given such cruel punishment to male them understand the pain.

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    Sentencing a rapist to death is not a good punishment at all. Public hanging is not recommended. There should be a special jail for rapists, and should be tortured to realise their act of rape. There should be a special TV to telecast 24x7 to show how a rapist lives in jail. The rapist will have his natural death inside the jail.
    No life without Sun

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    It is good that the parliament has given a nod for death punishment to the rapists. In my opinion actually death sentence is not sufficient to them. They should be punished by removing both the legs and hands and we should make them to understand how difficult is to live like that. By seeing him the other people should feel frightened to do such acts in their lives. A person who is 68 years old is raping a girl of 11 years. What is the loss for him even he was hanged to death. But he should suffer in his life and feel that he is suffering like that due to the crime he has committed. He will advise others not to go for such acts. That way I agree with Sun that they should be tortured in the jail. Even that is a good punishment rather than giving them a easy death. Another point to note here is the case should be finalised in the shortest possible time and finalise the judgement and see that the actual culprits will suffer with the punishment awarded and this should be given wide publicity so that all the people will understand the severity of the punishment.
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    Generally the society does not want to kill anyone, but on the other hand if an individual resorts to killing and raping fellow humans and children, the same society has the responsibility to set it correct.

    The gravity of the punishment depends on the gravity of the unspeakable acts and crimes committed. The death penalty for rapists was long overdue. What Mr.SuN says would be echoed by many that death is too easy on such animals. But the society cannot keep torturing and telecasting it.

    Public hanging should be discouraged. Instead, these criminals should have a quick trail and the death sentence carried out in a restricted place. I think, the families of the victim should be given a choice to wittness this.

    What is needed is wide spread publicity of such hangings in the print media, we need not beam images but the numbers should hit the national print and online media. The names, their faces, their residence etc should be made widely public.
    For instance.
    In the month of July, 3 rapists hanged to death in X state, 2 rapists in Y state, 4 rapists in Z state. Every month this should be broadcast regularly in TV, Radio and papers like the monthly reports on accidents, crimes etc. We should reach a stage that, although sad to say, but the number of rapists hanged should takeover the incidents. Once this becomes a reality, then the future potential culprits, will be made to think twice before they commit such acts because, Now they would know that, they stand a real chance of being hung the death without chance of escape.

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