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    Never travel with infants

    Travelling by buses with infants as young as six months, in buses is very dangerous as the children might catch a variety of infections. Many travel only by bus when even daytime passenger trains may be a better option. In huge metros and in the big cities, one sees the infants in a sort of basket held by the mother, who rides pillion on the motorcycle with the husband. Apart from the huge risk, will not the infant also be exposed to such a huge amount of pollution?

    How do we counsel people against such practices? Of course, those who cannot afford private cars, travel by buses. But is it not wise to avoid the travel at all, at any cost?

    [Advisory note update from forum editor at 2.42p.m., 8th August: The author is advised to be very clear about the topic at the outset itself rather than putting in a response later only (after responses have come in) to clarify what is meant. It will avoid a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings of the topic.]
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    Everyone cannot afford comfort and they have to live with the available medium of transport to reach their destination. No doubt pollution is high in every city and town, but a mother need not be advised as she always protects the child even though she gets exposed to sun and pollution. Yes, even in the scorching heat I have seen couples riding on a scooter with a child being precariously held by the mother and the child was watching all the happenings on the road. But again it is a time gap journey and for which we cannot expect much reactions health wise. What to do, there is no escape too.
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    Just my thoughts-
    I can understand the author's concerns but the title 'Never travel with infants' is very dogmatic and impractical. It would be better something along the lines of Exercise caution or Spare a thought for the infant.

    Infants would need to travel, to the hospitals, for regular vaccinations/check-ups, places of faith and with parents on their various errands.

    Chances of catching an infection are always there be it bus, train, or any shared closed space. No loving mother or father would want to risk their child's health but travel becomes mandatory or needy, one can follow precautions as practical as possible based on their circumstances.

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    A good thought but impractical to follow. Travel with infants cannot be avoided. Infants need to be taken to hospital very frequently for check up. We need to care the child with extra clothing and protective gears while travelling in train or bus or auto or bike. All mothers will be careful to ensure her infant is taken care without anyone's advice.
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    I should have perhaps clarified. I find that many a time such infants are taken for weddings to far away places, At times, as far as five hundred kilometers by buses. I think this can be avoided. Particularly by night buses. The child could be at least 18 months old till such journeys are undertaken. Another thing is that even in the case of 18 months old children, it will be great if the travel is by overnight trains rather than buses where the infant will be more exposed to infection.

    Apart from that, I quite understand that such small infants need to be taken to the doctors. They can possibly take them by autos and not by riding pillion on motor cycles as most mothers do. This is very dangerous, in my opinion.

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    The author concern is well appreciated but how practical is this when most of the population don't even have enough food for their stomach. But the nature has got its own arrangements wherein the laborer's few Month old child can be seen playing in a dirty land while the parents busy in managing the cement & bricks for a new home. Here the parents don't have much options but agrees that wherever possible the safety precautions to be taken to its maximum possible.

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    It is correct to desist traveling in bus/car with infants is a matter to rethink. But if the situation prevails the need is more. In such situations, the necessary aids to care the child should be arranged. We went to Orissa during 2010 december by taking our small chlld of six months (my brother's daughter) where we had to travel in car from Berhampur to Phulbani a six hour journey. As my wife and father took every needy items for the child and properly hourly feeding with small quantities. Even during the train journey we took the milk powder,powdered sugar(as it would take time to dissolve),small handy heater, good quantity of mineral water for feeding the child. That journey was very simple for us as we equipped well.
    But during 1978, I traveled in bus from Madurai to Trichy with my aunt and her one year old child. Since heavy rainfall during our travel, we could not availed any single cup of milk for the child and we suffered a lot till reaching the destination.
    So, it is good to avoid travel with small child if the situation is not compulsory. Otherwise proper arrangement should be cared if necessary forced.

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    It is better to avoid travelling unnecessarily with infants far off distances. Short distance travel and important travels can't be avoided. When we are travelling with infants we should take proper precautions so that the child will be comfortable during the journey and after the journey also.
    Once in a while going out for important works is necessary. It is good to avoid taking the child to big gatherings where there are chances for infections and other problems. Any parent will know about these precautions and they will try to take as much as possible as they are the parents,

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