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    Why not make the CBSE the only method of education?

    Do you think all schools in India should offer education based on the CBSE syllabus & curriculum? How effective would this be?

    What if all schools become CBSE schools? Let them take local inputs on the State's culture, economy and so on. Let the schools be run as State and Centre collaboration. Let the syllabus be designed by experts from both streams and simply close down all the State board schools.

    These schools can have the local language medium, and English as well. Let the standards be equal to that of the CBSE or better. Let the State and Centre fund these schools and minimum fees be collected from parents for the education of their children.

    Can this be done at all? Can CBSE be the only method of all education in India?
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    CBSE is a Board, it is not the method of education. There are many difficulties to make CBSE the only Board. If this happens, the students wouldn't be able to get acquainted with his/her own region's culture, history and geography. There would be many more problems like language problem, etc.

    To make CBSE the only Board for Xth and Xth is not practicable in a big country like India.

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    India is the federal country with so many states having their independent say on many matters and education is part of it. Every state has its own education board, in which experts drawn from various fields are taken the help of creating a curricula suitable for the state. If the author's suggestion has to be granted, then surely the state interest has to be compromised. As the central observers wont have the deep knowledge of state level contributors in various fields and thus the very purpose of state flavor in each subject would be defeated. For example the Telangana students are now being imparted with how was the state under various rulers suffered a setback and sidelined and how in this short span of four years could cope and register development by mentioning the great contributions of stalwarts like Komaram Bheem, Ravi Shankar, and so on. Children are getting to know about real Telangana. Surely this would miss if CBSE takes over.
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    I think the author wanted to say that the standard of the students passing out the examination from different boards should be the same. Now there are feelings among the people that CBSE syllabus is difficult and state syllabus is easy. Some may feel that scoring in State syllabus is easy than CBSE. To eliminate these differences this proposal is made. This is what I think. But it is not very easy to maintain a single board all over the country. Instead of that, the syllabus and examination pattern can be made identical in all the board syllabuses and examinations Then it will become the same. In the syllabus one subject which tells about the culture and history can be different based on the region and all other syllabuses can be the same. All the state boards should follow the directives of the Central Board in making the syllabus and they should monitor all state boards. Then the standard of education will be uniform for all the boards and the students will be at almost the same level.
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