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    Why do students from rural areas find it difficult to learn English?

    What are the reasons for students from rural regions of India having difficulty in learning English? Give some of the reasons and suggest solutions to overcoming this issue.

    Every year, there are a lot of graduates who pass out and enter into the world to earn a job. I have seen many graduates who are from rural areas who have good educational background and good skills but cannot get through the interviews only because they lack in better communication in English.

    I have seen that many of the graduates even find it difficult to introduce themselves in an interview. What has their education taught them for many years? Even though graduates who were from English medium are in the same situation.

    I have seen people hesitate to talk in English because of the awe-stricken feeling. Though they want to talk in English, they are afraid of being criticised by others. Even the teachers in colleges speak in the local language even though the medium of education is English. So how do the students learn to speak?

    The teachers just focus on teaching the grammar from the syllabus to score marks in examinations and mug up the lessons. The students are able to by heart a complete lesson and write it in the exam but they are not capable of writing a paragraph on their own.

    English is just another language and we only learn when we start speaking. So the teachers should encourage the students to speak in English at least when they are in the college. Please share your thoughts.
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    In the first place, the hesitation while speaking English language is common among many individuals & so is not limited to the rural areas but remains the case elsewhere too. The major cause behind this is the fear of public reactions about what the others would feel if we fail or doesn't perform up to their expectations. This very thing enables within the individual to remain on the back foot. Any of us who have gone above this to the extra miles have achieved many successes in their life but sadly the others still undecided of their stands on it & so left forgotten.

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    We can overcome this problem if a new subject is introduced in the school. That is "English Speaking". The examination for this should be in the form of interview for one hour in which the student should converse with the examiner only in English without any grammar mistake. Marks should be awarded after deducting the number of mistakes they make while speaking. For this, the English teacher should be an expert in English with good fluency. I am sure, this will do good.
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    I think that the right sort of training should start right from the school level. One is not very sure whether a proper environment to at least speak in English is there in most State Board Schools in India. The chief problem in rural areas seems to the lack of proper teachers of the English language itself. I know for sure about Tamil Nadu. I do not know about other States, but my friends from AP and Karnataka, say that it is quite true.

    When the teacher does not himself or herself speak in good English in rural areas, how come the students will, in rural areas?

    Secondly, what is the kind of environment. Even if the standard of formal teaching is somewhat poor, do they have chances for things like group discussion, debates and so on? I know a few schools where the individual teachers go all out on their own, contact even company people, enlist their support and then bring about some change. The Government is always happy if some initiative is taken by the individual teacher, without any expense to the Government. In fact, there are attempts to merge schools in rural areas, as the spread of CBSE schools is now so huge. This is another problem. If the students get an admission to such schools, the standard is slightly better.

    Thirdly, what is the initiative and interest of the children themselves? If they themselves do not show any interest,am afraid, not much progress can be made. Let us examine these issues too.

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    Not only English but anything if we do not have better practice the result will be 'nil'. Our Spiritual Guru used to say that if we do not practice regularly in meditation the expected result will be delayed. We should do regular practice of any thing. Students mere going school and without practicing the things he studied in the school cannot expect even a pass.
    It is not rural areas but even urban students cannot bright so, if they do not practically speak in the language, that too irrespective of any language/topic. Since the regular practice is less in the rural or urban area students the proficiency lacks. It is not correct to force anything in any age.

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    Nice observation from the author. What I presume that in rural areas, mostly the local language is spoken and that is the need of the hour there. Hardly few would be qualified with English speaking ability and that too they may feel shy to speak among their folks. Probably for this reason many does not want to expose to English language nor they have the opportunity to do so, But those students who hail from village and daily commutes to the city for school or college when start conversing in English between themselves, surely the villagers also evince interest and interact with the children in English though it may not be fluent.
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    The learning of the language is different and the practice is different. In rural areas, the main language for communication is the mother tongue. Even in English medium schools, the conversations between the student and the teacher are in their local language only. But in urban areas the situation is different. The corporate schools will insist to speak in English only and the majority of conversations will happen in that language only. This compulsion will force the students to practice speaking in English and practice makes them perfect.
    Recently I have seen a movie in Telugu called Bharat ane Nenu. In this movie, the government takes a decision that all government schools will also start English medium classes and that move has brought a lot of change in the children of villages also. If this move is really introduced in real life also we will see that all rural area students also will become very fluent in English.

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    Learning any language especially the speaking part requires an corresponding environment. In absence of the conducive environment it is very difficult to learn the speaking part effectively.

    This is the reason why in rural areas, students do not pick up the English speaking proficiently. Even in urban areas it differs from family to family and in those families where the parents only talk in English the children pick it very fast. So it is not a question of how difficult or easy a language is, it is basically the continuous environment where the student is growing up.

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