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    Knowledge and experience of others should be respected

    Dependence on search engines should not be the sole criteria to find solutions and answers. A person's knowledge and experience should also be considered is the theme of this interesting discussion. Join in!

    In this Google age, it seems most of the people have become over smart. It is just matter of typing a few words related to the subject of your interest in the google search engine and you get first-hand knowledge about it. Even a completely ignorant person can search on google and get some idea about the topic. While this is a good facility for people to research the things, questions is that can it equate the actual knowledge and experience which is gained by people after years and years of practice and studies? No, perhaps not. Few minutes of Googling can give you an idea about a subject but it cannot make you a master. Plus not all sources of information in google are authentic.

    But the sad part is that many people just google the things out and think as if they have gained complete knowledge and experience. They even start questioning and doubting people with actual professional knowledge and experience about their work and try to argue and impose their googled knowledge on them. This is a totally incorrect practice. Seldom these people realize that what they know from Google can just be a top of the iceberg.

    Knowledge and experience gained by people from years of studies and work should be respected and Google should not be a means to make a mockery of it.
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    It would be good to note that the "knowledge & experiences" are different in comparison to the "database". The is only with the database & how we are able to use those data so as to make the meaningful information out of it is a matter of "knowledge & experiences". And therefore these are two different concepts which although independent in themselves but still interrelated depending upon our perceptions on how we take it. In addition, there is no need inhere for making a mockery out of it & of anyone or of any kind.

    The, like others can be relate to the sophisticated technology with us & so use it for the better cause.

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    A nice topic and these days the actual situation we are facing is the same. When a doctor says the name of a disease immediately the people will type that and google it. They read one or two results. They start worrying about that without understanding the actual position. That is why people say half knowledge is very dangerous. If we don't know anything we will simply follow the suggestions of the people who are good at that particular topic. If we have a good understanding of the subject we can appreciate the suggestion of the person who has experience and knowledge. But the problem comes with the people who believe that they know about the subject.
    One should definitely respect the knowledge and experience of the person instead of simply going by their google knowledge. At the same time, we need not feel shy to express our opinions regarding the subjects which we are fully aware and have good knowledge.

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    So you basically calling it a showdown between shallow knowledge and a scholarly wisdom. I always quote "Internet has made us scholars of the surface and ignorant of the depths". The reason is because everything in internet is so simplified. I learn guitar lessons from YouTube. It is entirely different from a learning with a teacher because there is a human factor involved. A collection of webpages cannot rival human intelligence.

    But internet is the best place for immediate knowledge. This immediate source should be implemented only as a reference. A opinion otherwise. Not as a concrete proof.

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    Not necessarily so that others' knowledge and experience are the only reliable entities nor that one should wholly depend on those. Sometimes, one could depend on one's own good old common sense!
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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