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    If not for Karunanidhi for whom - A good judgement by the Madras High Court

    Dear Members,
    The Tamilnadu Government lead by AIADMK has refused give a place in Marina beach alongside the Memorial of Dr. Arignar Anna. A case was filed in the Madras High Court. The Judgement was passed in favour of DMK to bury Dr. Karunanidhi in Marina Beach.

    If Karunanidhi cannot have a place in Marina Beach, who else can have it. The ruling AIADMK should have gladly permitted the DMK to bury the tallest leader of the Tamilnadu without any refusal or dispute and the case should not have gone to the court. Thus, AIADMK has lost their reputation. Even their own party men has not welcomed the AIADMK's decision.

    Now, the Madras High Court has cleared the way for Dr Karunanidhi to be close with Dr Anna in the Marina Beach.

    Marina Beach was developed during the DMK regime, and Anna was the first person buried in the beach as decided by Karunanidhi, the then CM of Tamilnadu.

    May the Great leader's Soul Rest in Peace in the Marina Beach with Great Anna.
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    Honourable High court of Madras has chosen the right judgement by allowing the cremation of late Karunanidhi's body at the Marina Beach where the bodies of great personalities like Anna are laid to rest. Why the ruling Party took a negative attitude in this matter is not clear. Once a person is dead everybody should forget his political colour. Indian culture is always for respecting dead bodies. Any way the Honourable High Court has shown the right way.

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    Mr. SuN: I don't want to comment upon the judgment of the Hon'ble High Court. It is definitely appropriate. But my question is different. Did the 'Kalaignar' believe in soul or burial?

    Only asking out of curiosity.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    First of all the AIADMK government erred by refusing permission to bury the remains of Kalaignar at Anna Samadhi citing environmental problems court cases. Since DMK is in opposition they have to obey the government which offered other site at Gandhi Mandapam to which DMK was averse to agree. Then they approached the court which after all the arguments, have given the verdict. At least at the end of life, Kalaignar could get the right place of burial as he was close confident of Arignar Anna and when Jaya also was buried there, so also Karunanidhi. Good decision and may the soul rest in peace.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The reason for refusing ruling party AIADMK is, there were several petitions pending against the construction of memorial in Marina beach. Those petitions were filed by Traffic Ramaswamy, K Balu & Duraisamy challenging construction of memorials at Marina beach. These petitions were made only after Jaya's death. Then how can ruling party allow further one? That is the strong reason for refusing otherwise the ruling party would have allowed immediately when the plea was made by Stalin. The court has now allowed only after withdrawal of petitions made by Traffic Ramaswamy, K Balu & Duraisamy. So it is a tricky legal move.

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    Marina Beach is not an ordinary beach which stretches many kilometeres. It is the ideal place for tall leaders to rest in peace. Most of the tourists visit Marina beach. They all can pay their homage to the departed leaders 24x7 throughout the year and forever. If not for Karunanidhi, for whom. I do not think any other leader from Tamilnadu will get a place in Marina beach after their death. Because there is no other tall leader in TN. We had one last tall leader whom we lost yesterday. To rest in Marina, Tamilnadu Arignar Anna is the first, and Kalaignar Karunanidhi is the last.

    @ Partha: I don't understand your question " Did the 'Kalaignar' believe in soul or burial?"
    Whether cremated or buried, Karunanidhi's soul lives in the heart of Tamils in the world.
    "Karunanidhi thy name is Tamil". He is the true son of the 'Tamizh Annai"(Mother Tamil)

    No life without Sun

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    Keeping aside other arguments, Kalaignar was instrumental in churning the Dravidian policies and he has took the mantle from Anna and with the able guidance of Periar and surely he needs to be rested at the place where other leaders are lying in peace.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. SuN: Karunanaidhi was a follower of Periyar, isn't it? He was an atheist till his last days of life. Did he believe in soul or burial? Please refer to your last para of the main post: "May the Great leader's Soul Rest in Peace in the Marina Beach with Great Anna." In that context, I asked the question.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I think AIADMK made a mistake in refusing the place for Karunanidhi's body in Marina beach. But DMK has done a good thing by going to the court and court has given the verdict in favour of DMK. No doubt the leader is worth having a place by the side of Anna. There may be many reasons for the refusal of place by the ruling party.
    When the great leader and our Ex-PM, Mr.P V Narasimha Rao died the central government headed by his own party Congress refused to allow a place for his body to be cremated, they brought the body to Hyderabad. But they couldn't go to court as no one can go against the Congress high command.
    But Karunanidhi is a man from the opposition party, they are able to go to court and get a ruling in their favour. Thus a good tribute has been paid to the leader by the court.

    always confident

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    May his soul rest in peace. In the current Tamilnadu political scene, Dr.Karunanidhi was the last doyen whose career spanned many decades and had been the CM of Tamilnadu for five times.

    The ruling AIADMK should have be graceful and more proactive. Firstly, to set aside political differences in respect to the senior most political leader. Secondly, it should have quickly set up a legal committee to take up the potential hazzles in any so that legalities are taken care.

    The request of DMK sounds correct because Anna was the mentor of Karunanidhi. The AIADMK could have scored some goodwill points also, if it's thinktank team has handled the issue better.

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    Mr. Partha,
    The soul never dies after the burial or cremation. It enters another body. But we presume that the soul lives in the burial ground or crematorium. It is a great philosophy to understand. And we are not great to understand that great philosophy. Anyway, Dr Kalaignar now lives under the earth in a sandalwood coffin. May he rest peacefully after 94 years of tireless services to the public.

    No life without Sun

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    Mr. SuN:

    1. You have talked about your belief. But what about the belief of Late Karunanidhi about soul?

    2. Did the great leader start his tireless services to the public immediately after his birth ("Reference: May he rest peacefully after 94 years of tireless services to the public")?

    3. We must not worship a human being.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    We should take his whole age into account. He took birth on this good earth to serve the public from birth to death. Who knows, as a child itself, his mind must be revolving around the public which is not known to the public. though and atheist, he was not against the God, even his leader the great EVR Periyar was not against God. But they never wanted people to follow the superstitions on the name of God. Karunanidhi was a good human being who did lot for Tamilnadu. He is a greater lover of Tamizh. His services to Tamizh cannot be explained and will not be understood by you. Karunanidhi lives(in my heart).

    In fact I learned good Tamizh by hearing his speeches and attending his public meetings. I can imitate and speak like Karunanidhi. What a voice, what a speech, what a narration, and oration, what a story writing, what a dialogue writing, what a poem writing! What a political skill, What an Administration and welfare activities. Nothing can match him. He is a multi-faceted personality who never failed in his life. Even he was very successful in his personal life with good wives and children and grand children. Though not a graduate, he was far superior than post graduates.

    Much more to write about the good old great man, but ISC pages won't suffice.

    No life without Sun

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    Was he an atheist or an agnostic? As far as I know, he and his guru Periyar were firmly against the concept of God.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    During his last years, you must have observed Karunanidhi wearing a yellow shawl on his shoulder. He loves Guru( Jupiter) whose colour symbol is yellow. He wrote a story on Ramanujar (a TV serial) who is the follower of Lord Sri Vishnu. Though we branded him as an atheist, he was not an atheist.

    So, God helps an atheist to live long (94)with wealth and prosperity, and the same God makes an ardent believer of God visiting temple regularly to suffer in poverty without any facility.

    No life without Sun

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    The title gives a misleading meaning as if the court has stated the first part of the title as judgement.

    What I understand is as follows.

    The court had in its front some petitions asking for denying permission of the Marina space for the burial. But later, the petitions were withdrawn. So there existed no objection for the permission and thus court did not need to adjudicate the matter as there is no petition for that.
    At the same time DMK filed a petition seeking court's direction for he govt to allow permission to burial at Marina space. Now that court did not find any legal objections,it allowed DMK's prayer and directed the respondent(state govt) to allow burial at Marina spaceas prayed.As far as the court was considered there was no legal impediment in front of it for allowing the burial at Marina space.

    So we need not see unnecessary meanings from what we see from the titles not only from this thread but from what is circulated in the media and social media .

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    No, The CM EPS allowed the great man to be buried near the place where the other former CMs of Congress party were buried quoting some central government rulings and the environments. Hence DMK moved a petition in High court to allow them to bury the leader near Great Anna. The ruling party tried their best not to give Marina, but failed as the high court ignored the central rulings on Marina.
    No life without Sun

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    So all is over. By late evening, the patriarch and tall leader of Dravida moment was laid to rest near Anna Samadhi and thus winning his last battle even after death and that denotes his significant presence of life on the earth over 94 years which was marred with twists and turns, abuse, greater challenges, and yet he could keep his cadre, flock and families together and had full control over the party which had every chance of disintegrating like other parties after the death of elder of the family. Nevertheless I really take my bow to salute this man for his courage and guts who faced the world with much determination and the turnout of sea of humanity at his last funeral service was the testimony which shows that nothing compared to some good deeds to poor which shall be remembered a lot and for the backward class people and down trodden they lost everything as there is no one to address their concern.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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