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    History never fails to astonish me

    As an avid reader of history, I have always been fascinated by various unknown episodes, events and heroes of history. There are many such events or heroes which/who have not been discussed in the text-books of history at any level. But in a hindsight, these events or heroes changed the course of history in many ways. For example, if we study the Vijjyanagara kingdom, we only talk about Krishnadev Raya, but generally do not talk about Thirumala Deva Raya, because of whom the Vijayanagara kingdom re-surfaced from the fire of destruction after Battle of Talikota. I wrote about the great king in five episodes in the Forum section (but I have doubt whether any Member have read those five 'boring' episodes). If we discuss the Gupta dynasty, we generally forget Skandagupta, who defeated the devastating Hunas.

    There are many little-known heroes or episodes like the above two. Today, I have traced out two beautiful historical articles. The first one is on Chandragiri, a place near Tirupati, where the capital of Vijayanagara kingdom was shifted when the earlier capital Humpi was destroyed. Later, I will write an article on Chandragiri after collecting some more supporting materials. The second interesting article is on moral turpitude of the Mughals as told by a court-poet of later Mughals. I won't be able to write on the subject in this platform, but the article which I am reading is extremely interesting and it tells many new things to the enthusiastic readers.
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    I also love history. I fail in remembering many crucial details unfortunately because I have a weak memory. Vijayanagara is a really good empire to study about. I guess it is 200 years old. It was the oldest and last Hindu reign before the Nawabs' advent of south. Marathas came a hundred years later and once again Hindu reign rose.
    Vijayanagara was unbelievably rich. Studying more about it will help us learn of medieval Indian greatness.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, Tirumala Devraya was the last Vijayanagara emperor right? Who fell off his steed while fighting southern Bahmanis or Daccinis? If my speculation is right, his army forsook him thinking he died when he fell. And thus the golden era of south fell too.

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    I have a liking for history and I try to read articles available to me on this subject. But as my main field of work is different and it requires a lot of reading my majority time goes in reading the concerned subject. That is why I couldn't spend much time on this. But I generally never miss forum posts of this particular author as I like his way of putting the things and his narration. I remember I read the forums referred by the author.
    I have the fortune of visiting this Chandragiri during my one of the trips to Tirupathi. These days the AP government is trying to give a facelift to this fort so that the tourists will increase to this particular place. This is the fort built by the Vijayanagara kingdom when they have to shift from Hampi.
    A good place to visit and once you visit that forte you will get all the details about that place and about the Vijayanagara kingdom.

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    Mr. Aditya Mohan: After Thirumala Deva Raya, there were another six rulers ruled the very weak Vijayanagar kingdom.

    Dr. Rao: I have come to know that the historical fort of Chandragiri, where the capital finally shifted, was originally built by Yadavaraya dynasty during 1000 CE. Yadavarayas were local rulers. However, when the capital was shifted from Humpi to Chandragiri, it was extensively renovated.

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    Good that the author has the pungent for the history and keep on digging new ways to bring the forgotten heroes or moments in history. Great that he stumbled upon the Chandragiri and also want to write on Moguls. When you travel from Tirupati to Chittoor, on the way the Chandragiri fort can be seen which is huge and colossal. Since it is the assembly Constituency of AP government and also the historical fort site, the area is being developed by Archaeological department on the lines of Golconda fort in Hyderabad. I would be eagerly waiting for the two proposed articles.
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    Never mind Partha. I guess I mistook him for some other Vijayanagara ruler.
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    History is a very interesting subject and there is a lot of knowledge and experience embedded in historical writings. It is altogether a different matter that people are more interested in political or comical or romantic writings rather than our past reflections.

    Anyway there are some people who have deep interests in history and such elaborate and authentic details will always amuse them.

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