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    Is the glittering IT industry losing its shine ?

    All that glitters in not gold. The swanky offices , gymns and crèches , travel abroad opportunities and unlimited perks make the IT sector a formidable employer. More and more people during the last two decades are working in the IT industry.
    While the Silicon Balley is a hub to unbelievable innovation and development, how is the Indian IT sector doing ?

    It seems that the work down in India is repititive and mundane. More and more people are quitting as there is no challenge and zero work satisfaction . Only an insider can tell.

    Do share your views and experiences .
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    Yes you are right. More IT people who are creative and wants to have such job which can pose challenge to get out of the situations with their thinking is missing in IT jobs. One girl told me that though she gets ample salary to care of her family and her, but job satisfaction is missing. And she is trying jobs in other companies. Mind it her parents wants her to marry, and she is not happy with the job, Now parents are worried as to why the daughter has been postponing marriage proposal for no reason. So the charm of working in IT Industries has lost and slowly people are flying to other sectors.
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    The charm for IT has not gone completely. But reduced. This is mainly due to the fact many people are opting for these jobs than jobs in their core subject. A chemical engineer after his B.Tech is trying to go and join an It industry is not correct. But when compared to the core job. a job in IT company is found to be more comfortable. So naturally when more stuff is available the demand will come down and automatically the earning capacity will come down. Even today except for a few many of the engineers are opting for IT jobs only.
    But It industry has given a boost to employees. The salaries in core industries also raised because of the IT industry. But unfortunately even today the jobs available in the IT industries are more than other jobs. Any job will have the merits and demerits. The liking depends on the interest of the individual.

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    Although I am not an 'insider', I am expressing my opinion here:-

    (a) Indian IT sector has been primarily acting as an outsourced agency.
    (b) The people engaged in this sector are doing the repetitive work as per the directions of foreign companies.
    (c) Those who are working in the IT sector of the country are some of the best brains of India. They can't remain satisfied with the nature of the work which they perform everyday.
    (d) So, in spite of financial satisfaction, many people have left the IT industry and many are planning to do the same.

    The above response is based upon the inputs which I have received from some of my old friends who were working and have been working in the Indian IT sector.

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    You are absolutely right Partha sir. An intellectually challenging job is necessary to satisfy the inquisitive mind of intelligent people. Mundane tasks bores the mind and people will definitely start to look for better and more exciting options. Hence, the shift and move out of the IT sector.

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    As an insider, I would say its the Digital transformation time for most of the Indian IT companies. And it takes a bit of time to get that culture till the last employee of the company. To be in IT, people have to constantly upgrade themselves with the latest tools and technologies. There are some work areas in IT which give people ample opportunities to bring out talent. As the author has mentioned, some work will be kind of repetitive and with zero and I believe there will be a change in the way of working. In my view, another peak time will come for the IT companies as clients move to latest techs such as Cloud, AI, Machine learning and IoT.

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