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    Does it take guts to quit your job ?

    Life is strange. We start out with so many dreams and ambitions thinking that nothing is impossible and we can achieve whatever we want. But then reality strikes and as we get older we have life experiences and we face difficulties. Slowly and steadily , we start accepting the state of affairs and unconsciously start giving up on many things.
    Our job is one such place. When I used to work for a bank, I had a team of 11 members and there wasn't one person who was happy with his job . But nobody thought of quitting and doing something else.
    Everyone brushed away the thought. There was a house to run, EMIs to be paid, school fees and holidays. Expectations to be met and image to be maintained.

    Overall, unhappiness is not enough. It seems you require guts of another level to make such a natural decision.
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    No but instead one has to be foolish enough to take such a dumb decisions. The employee must take a note of that a certain type of personalities would be found anywhere & so he or she needs to learn or else he or she will continue to move on & would be left with excuses which doesn't promises any good fortunes in the future.

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    I was expecting such as response. On this practical world of ours where everything is calculated and planned to the T , quitting a well paying job is called Foolish.

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    I know life is so harsh to live. Sometimes it seems very easy to live but sometimes it seems very hard to live. It's depends on luck a good luck is also very important to live the life happily.
    By Determination one can Accomplish anything

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    There is nothing called as the good luck or the bad luck but logically, "as you sow so shall you reap". The nature has formulated this simple rule being applicable to all of us irrespective of the differences which we have created from within us or from within ourselves. What we are doing in the mean time as an action would get reflected in the future as a result or as an outcome. Take this in a way that if you don't have appeared for the paper then there is no meaning for you to wait for the result. There is no sense calculating the possibilities of being passed or failed or in a way that you wouldn't find any good luck or bad luck because simply you didn't acted that way.

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    I don't think, it's guts it's more to do with principles and the ability to be outside one's comfort zone. Yes, all of us have our financial commitments and most of us are shackled by these to a job which we do not like or a place where we exchange our self-respect and integrity for a pay packet at the end of the month.

    But, yet there are few who move on, some are lucky with a better job, some with a lesser pay. At the end of the day, it is that personal mindset and inner strength that will allow people to take such decision. One can take such decision provided they have alternative plans and funds in hand.

    Many a times, it would one of the colleagues and someone higher up who decides to make life hell for one particular employee who either suffers in silence or tries to set things right.

    With reference to foolish and dumb decisions, I would like to quote Steve Jobs ' Stay hungry, Stay foolish'

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    I don't think it is foolish to quit a job if it is not liked by you. If the reasons for your not liking are genuine definitely you can quit. I am a strong believer that if you are ready to face the challenges, there are many ways and means to live on. But quitting the job for no reason without having another offer may not be a wise thing. So one has to try for another job while continuing the present and once he gets selected for another post he can switch over. Many government employees may not swift jobs so easily but a person working in a private organisation will never hesitate to change if there are good promises for the new job.
    I strongly believe that somebody is not doing a favour to us by providing a job to us. They require our services and they are hiring us. So we need not compromise on certain things and continue in the same job with a fear that we may not get another job. But we always feel that a bird in the hand worth two in the bush. If the bird in your hand is troubling and if you are not able to control you should let it go and try to catch at least one if not two from the bushes.

    always confident

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    Today the job scenario in our country is very grim and under such a condition it is really very difficult to even think such a proposition of leaving a job.

    Those people who get a good opportunity elsewhere can think of leaving the present job for the better one but quitting just like that does not make any sense until unless there are other compulsions.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I believe it is more of planning and management than guts. When you decide to leave a job, you should think about your future keeping all aspects in consideration. Also, you need to manage your living without your previous job's pay. How you are going to do that, should be planned properly. You should find some alternative to your pay first, then only you ought to leave your job.

    Moreover, the reasons for leaving the present job can be many. There could be salary issues, bad working environment, long distance job, etc. Thus, this decision entirely depend on your reason. If it is strong enough to leave the job immediately, you should start finding a better job(regardless of pay) to have self-satisfactory working life.

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    What I feel that as long as the job gives the satisfaction of work culture, good behavior from co employees and management and salary wise good, no one would think of quitting. The problem arises when we are under employed, that means the job is not commensurate with the qualification we hold and thus there would suffocation inside when we see others of same qualification having good salary and we are employed with low salary and heavy work and thus less importance to work goes hand and hand and the performance deteriorates which reflects on our mind and body language too and that forces us to look for new job and in that case quitting wont require guts.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Job satisfaction is definitely important but quitting due to dissatisfaction is step that requires a thought out approach.
    Maybe we should plan our careers well, look closely
    at job offer before we jump at the salary package alone.
    After all, money will come in whichever work we choose to pursue. So why not look at options which will also make us happy in terms of job satisfaction. After all, we spend 90% of our active day time working , might as well feel good about what we are doing during those waking hours of our lives.

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    Not only guts but also adequate financial security is required to quit a permanent job. Moreover, it also requires mental strength to leave a job and start life afresh, especially after crossing thirties.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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