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    Friendship and Blue Heaven

    Friendship characteristic-"Trust" and Gift item-"Pen Set"

    Last year on 26th June when I went Srinagar with my husband, I met a dear friend. We were staying in a guest house. On the second day, I was strolling near the university, when I saw a girl stooping onto something. I wished her good morning. She didn't reply. It appeared as if she was sniffing something.
    Later that day we booked a car for Srinagar sightseeing. To my surprise, that girl I saw in the morning was also on the bus. We were going to Pampore city. The military security was very high. This was due to the terrorist attack on June, 2016 in Pampore. I was looking around and watching the beauty of Srinagar. Suddenly our car stopped. The military wanted to check us. I noticed that the girl with us was fidgeting and sweating a lot. Right from the time we entered a military secured area, I saw her face go pale. I thought maybe she is not feeling well. Finally, all our checking was done. All of us came back after the trip.
    Next morning, I again went for a morning walk. Again, I found the same girl sniffing something. When she saw me, the powder in her hand fell. The girl was startled. Now, the whole picture was clear to me. When I reminded her of the high military security, she became afraid. She said that her name is Muniya and she became a drug addict at the age of 14. She contacted a drug dealer here. He gave her some pouches of blue heaven or LSD powder. She carried that pouch underneath her foot, within her shoes yesterday. When I asked her the reason, she said that her mother passed away when she was 10 years old. She did this out of depression. She came here with her father. She pleaded to not to tell her father. I promised her and took one promise from her. I made her throw all the LSD pouches away. I made her delete the numbers of the drug dealers. I made her tell her father about all this in front of me. Her father was very angry and sad at the same time.
    Both of them thanked me and my husband. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses. Two days later we all came back to our native places. On 6th August, 2017, I received a letter from Muniya. The letter also contained a pen set. The name of the pen company is blue heaven. She wrote the letter from a rehab. In the letter she said that I am the most trustworthy friend of her, beside her father. As a token of appreciation she gifted me those pens. I am quoting the last lines of the letter, "Before I became a victim to substance abuse, I used to write. I want you to write one about me on my behalf with these pens. Happy Friendship's Day."

    This is an entry for the creative writing contest.
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    An excellent story from a new Member. It is true that one who brings back another from the brink of disaster is a true friend. So, the author is definitely a true friend of Muniya, and she has won her trust.
    Come as you are!

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    Great help done to the little girl who fallen prey addict to drug peddlers and you have saved her from the possible fall out in her life and that is the great help you have done. Keep doing good things.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This narrative was very beautiful. I'm very curious to learn if its a fact or fiction. But I guess it doesn't matter. Your narrative is self explanatory.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    An excellent narration and the importance of trust in friendship is very well brought out in the story. The ending of the story is also good and the author has fulfilled the wish of her friend by writing this story.
    always confident

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    A superb story depicting the true friendship between the author and Muniya. It shows the real human nature of the author and the trust they both have on each other. It's a nice blend where the situation of a help seeker and the real helper is described through two different characters in this story.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    An excellent and well narrated story from you. Well done, Ms Rosie Ray.

    @ After reading this story, I wanted to possess one such Blue Heaven pen set for my personal use. I searched the net, and I could not get it. I am getting only Blue Heaven lip stick sets. Where can I get the Blue Heaven pen set?

    No life without Sun

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