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    India is still a developing country.

    India is a developing country-this is the thing we are hearing from decades. How far have we developed? We still see prople living below poverty line. We still see malnutrition among children. The appauling reality is we also see hunger deaths in the country. Farmers who are the back bone of the country are committing suicide because they are unable to feed their own family.

    Why is the Governament not concentrating on these aspects first? The country will only be developed when every human in the country is above the povery line and increase the standard of living. The governament should concentrate on agriculture which is the back bone of the country as 70% of income comes from this.

    On the other hand, people want their children to study in private schools at any cost for better education because the governament schools fail to provide good facilities and education. People prefer to go to private hospitals because the governament hospitals are not well equipped and not many facilities available. We only see few people get treatment from governament hospitals. If the governament cannot even assure such things, when are we going to develope?

    The villages are soul of the country and the developement has to start from villages and raising the standard of living. They must make sure everyone is living above poverty line and help them increase the standard of living. As the villages develope, the cities, towns, districts and the states. The governament should help people to make their livehood by self employment or by providing job opportunities. Only when all the people in the country live above poverty, then the Governament can concentrate on increasing the standard of living and other thing things. Please share your thoughts.
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    My personal opinion is that every nation-state is a developing country. Even the so-called developed countries are striving for more development.

    So, to me, like all other countries, India is also a developing country. Only the level of development is different for different countries.

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    As per my personal opinion, a country can be called itself a developed one if it has food for the people for at least 100 to 200 years without room for any shortage. It has all the people employed in one sector or the other. There is no beggar in the country and the per capital of income of every citizen is rising every year. And if the country is able to extend financial aid to other country during natural calamities, that country can be called as the developed country and India is at the threshold of achieving the status but already developed countries view us as the under developed country so far.
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    There is no end to the development. There will be always a scope for betterment. So, in my opinion, the development is a relative term. When we are living in an apartment we always look for shifting to an independent house and it is a development for the person. But still, he is not satisfied he wanted to shift to a gated community in a good locality. So he wanted to develop further so that he can afford that also.
    Same is the case here also. India is a developing country. But what is the goal and up to what extent they achieved is the criteria. It has come a long way. But still has to go a long way.
    There are many points for improvement. The percentage of illiterates is to be brought down. Unemployment problems are to be reduced. All people should get equal treatment. Like this many points are there where a lot of progress is to be achieved.

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