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    If you can conceive and believe your idea, then you can be a achiever too ?

    Most of the people who have the ability to think differently wont pursue their goals nor they have 100 percent believe in them. When others surge ahead, we simply indulge in pondering over the mistake done but not probing what went wrong. Instead let us conceive such ideas which leads to believing ourselves and surely that confidence level would reach to the threshold of being winner or achiever. And to conceive great ideas, one must come out of their fixed mind and be a keen observer around. What is your say on this.
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    There are people who are intellingent and can think differently but they keep silence even when all others are taking a wrong step. They should have confidence in them and they should stand up and explain what has went wrong and which way it can be done correctly.

    It is only when they speak out and explain that their idea is better to be follwed, people will definitely accept it. They need a lot of believe in them and should have that cobfidence to speak out.

    Otherwise, their knowledge goes in vain. Firstly, people should have the confidence to speak out about their thoughts be it useful or not.

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    I agree with #644802. An intelligent man who thinks differently should stand up and explain his idea. But I am not sure whether 'People will definitely accept' will hold good always. A knowledgeable person will not keep silent and he will tell the other people how to do it and where the mistake is. But the receiving people should feel that the suggestion given by this man is good. Many people, especially in senior positions, feel bad to accept the suggestions of other people as they are the bosses and they think they will know everything. That is where their ego comes in between. They can't come out of that ego accept the good suggestion. Many people on many occasions might have faced this situation. The intelligent people will understand the mentality of the boss and keep mum so that the boss will learn out of his mistakes. Such intelligent people will only excel in the career. No human being can come out of this ego problem.
    always confident

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    If our goal/plan should be achieved, we should plan accordingly and strive hard to achieve our goal.
    For example, business, marriage, studies etc., If I want to do a business, I should prepare a plan and time chart and work for that hardly instead writing it in a paper and keeping my hands crossed does not work. I should go out and look out for people who are already in that line, discuss with them and get some ideas. Or even, work with them to have a better understanding about the business. On the other hand, I should arrange for finance, labors, place etc., and so on. Our subconscious mind will start reacting to our goal and one fine day we will surely win and become a business man. 24 hours we should be thinking on this and surely we will succeed. `we should go on trying and trying.

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