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    Giving proper mark of respect to our soldiers

    For past many days, this thing had been pinching me that why citizens of this country are not paying proper mark of respect to our defence personnel. I have noticed this happening especially in place where you find defence bases(units). People around such units find it very common to see any defence personnel. So their behaviour towards soldiers become very casual and they doesn't treat them well. Also, there had been many instances wherein even government servants deny to help defence personnel. There are enough videos available online to prove my statement. Recently, I saw a video in which TT of a train slapped a jawan. This video was very disturbing. Also, I was even more surprised when I saw many such videos on suggestion list of that page.

    For all those who doesn't know much about defence life, our soldiers are never off duty. They doesn't crave for their respect. But it's our responsibility to great them well whenever we see them. We should help them in all ways possible. They should feel proud to see our response towards them. Eventually, they will be motivated by such acts and would feel proud to protect such citizens of this nation.
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    Very touching post from the author. What author said is right. We must learn to respect the soldiers or jawans and respect their dignity of labor towards the countru's security. Because they are vigil all along the night, we are enjoying peaceful sleep every day. So every citizen indebted to every soldier and give them the respect they deserve. When ever I happen to go through Secunderabad Cantonment and see any jawan or military officer walking , I volunteer to offer lift and they feel so elated for having understood their plight. The Defence record office in inside and there is no transport allowed inside nor autos would ply. So they have to walk long distance and many civilians going by scooter, motor cycle or car wont even have the time to see such soldiers walking on the side of the road. Therefore have courtesy, take a bow to their great service to the nation, speak good words and appreciate their every work.
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    "Eventually, they will be motivated by such acts and would feel proud to protect such citizens of this nation."

    While I agree that they are always on duty, my view on this is different. They are already a motivated lot and their motivation comes from their love for what they do.

    The men and women in uniform do what they do as a sense of patriotism and duty, with a sense of pride. I do not think that the respect that the civilians give them acts as a source of motivation. They do what they do because they are a dedicated and highly disciplined people. I know because I am married to one.

    Yes, respecting and honouring them is good. It shows that you recognise what they do, for you and for the nation. They will continue doing what they do, irrespective of how you treat them.

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    There is a small issue here wherein we all are driven by the fantasies & so we all are less concern of the ground realities around us. Since our childhood days, we have been taught through the text books which are instigated with the material making us less proud of our cultural heritage or more or less dedicated to a one side of the phenomenon. In this process few of the aspects have always been ignored of. The certificate goes to any of the political parties who preferred the communal angle for winning the elections. In the latest, an Army Major and three soldiers were martyred on Tuesday in Gurez in north Kashmir while they were foiling an infiltration bid identified as Major K P Rane, hawaldars Jamie Singh and Vikramjeet and rifleman Mandeep.

    But the whole nation was mourning the death of a politician.

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    I do not know why some people feel that the army personnel are not getting proper respect. Everyone in the country respects them. The military is doing its duty and they are respected for what they are doing. It is better not to bring the army into discussions. Let them do their duty.
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    Mr. KVRR, having respect & showing respect are two different aspects. I agree to the 100% that we all have respect for our soldiers but when it comes to showing respect to them than we find ourselves wherein we are coming up with the negligible contribution. Even with me, If I want to salute the soldier than there is some hesitation within me. May be it's my fault but we can be evident more of these with others too.

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    "They will continue doing what they do, irrespective of how you treat them."-----------This statement reflects the mentality of the majority of Indians. If we treat our soldiers shabbily, we can't expect greatness from them. If we can't honour them, then will the next generation want to become soldiers?
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    The Soldiers or Sailors or Airmen or the Officers of the three forces do not expect any respect from the public. They are the selfless disciplined people of our country who only think about their duty 24x7. The defence personnel in uniform are never disrespected by the public. Of course, while in civilian clothes, they are not respected much. Whether the public respect them or don't honour them, they are not affected at all. Because they have their brave hearts.
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    The soldiers are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the country. How many of us will be ready to sacrifice our lives if they pay us huge money also? During the service, they will be away from their family and they won't have any personal life when they are in their duty. As a common man, we should respect them for the sacrifice they are doing for the country. Whether we respect them are not, but they will be respecting the nation and serving the nation. That is the greatness of these people. I feel we should salute them for their commitment and patriotism.
    As expressed by the author many people don't show the respect and behave differently from them. Such acts shouldn't be encouraged by the citizens and if somebody is misbehaving with them we should tell the people about the importance of these soldiers.

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    Mr. Partha K, I totally agree with your statement. The duty of a defence personnel is not effected by our response towards them. And citizens of this country know this very well. They know that whosoever they behave with a soldier, he is bound to do his duty. And that is why their way of treating them changes.

    May I know what is the greatest motivation they have which makes them so bold? Why are they always fearless? As per as I am concerned, it is the "Bharat Ma" which is keeping them motivated. And Bharat ma is nothing but the citizen of this country. Soldiers of our nation, love their people. That's why they protect them. They certainly doesn't concern about our response towards them. Even if we don't great them well, they will still risk their lives for us. That is why we need to understand that whenever we get chance, we should help them out.

    My intention was not to hurt anyone's sentiments. I have posted this to spread the awareness and remember what they are doing for us. We often get so busy in our lives that we forget their sacrifices.

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    Mr. Ved, the respect we show is to the profession but not to the individuals. The individual respect depends upon their behavior in the society. As a matter of fact, every individual is doing his duty towards the country by virtue of his vocation and is to be respected.
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    Mr. KVRR, when you do something for your company, you are promoted and given respect based on the designation you hold. But you are respected only by your company. Not by everyone. Similarly, defence forces are meant for protecting the country. Soldiers are serving our country, not any company. I am not demeaning any other job. However, I don't think there is any risk to life in other services. There are many in this country who agree with this statement. And that's why they respect them. Sir, I don't know what you think, but if tomorrow some soldier sacrifices his life saving mine, I would definitely not say that, "yaar vo toh apni duty kar raha tha, that's his job, he hadn't done something great"

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    Mr.Jitesh, I have made it very clear that military personnel are respected for the nature of duty they are performing. There is always a risk to the life of the personnel working in border areas. They know that risk very well and perform their duty under trying circumstances. If a soldier dies in the course of duty, we say so and so is martyred in the service to the country. We do not say that so and so died while doing his or her duty. That is the respect we give them. Your observation that the behavior of the people towards them in the areas where there are military bases is casual does not sound good. What you expect them to do? No one dares to disrespect them.
    I do not want to have discussions on the military. Let them do their duty and be in the background under the government in power. There is no point in discussing the military and creating controversies. Already much damage has been done by vested political parties trying to cash in on their performance and by some criticising the Army.

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    "shabbily…we can't expect greatness from them".
    "honour…will the next generation want to become soldiers?"

    Are you casting aspersions on the devotion and integrity of our defence personnel, equating their service and sacrifice to a mere barter?

    Unlike the civilians, they do not go on strikes or create a nuisance, no matter how difficult the conditions are. They continue working with utmost sincerity.

    The service of the armed forces is unconditional, it's not based on incentives. They calculate their moves only against the enemy, they don't keep tabs on how they are treated and respond depending on that. Their greatness comes from a life of discipline and commitment.

    I would be worried if the next generation considers the frills before deciding to join the Armed Forces. It is calling, and it has to come from within.

    I am interested in knowing how you and the others want to honour and help them?

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    Most of the people are already paying respect to the army men. There have been some stray incidents where the Jawans were treated roughly but we should not give any cognizance to such minor acts.

    Everyone knows that Jawans are giving their life for safeguarding of our country and there is great honour of Jawans in the eyes of public.

    Knowledge is power.

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