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    Confused about using the phrase "one of the"?

    People are always confused about using singular/plural noun after the phrase "one of the". When we say "one of the", we are mentioning one of many of a particular type and hence we always have to use a plural noun. For example,

    Everst is one of the tallest mountains in the world.

    Here we are referring to one among all the tallest mountains. It is always correct to use plural noun after the phrase "one of the". Let me provide another example.

    One of the mangoes is ripe.
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    Yes we can use the sentence this way " Karunanidhi was one of the tallest personality of the country who was instrumental in running the Dravidian culture and yet had the national presence."
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    Mr. Mohan: This sentence is wrong. The correct one would be: "Karunanidhi was one of the tallest personalities of the country...... " The author wants to point out precisely this particular error.
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    What you say holds true until I use non count nouns. "One of the equipment I possess is defective". "This was one of the greatest traffic in the world".
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    In the example mentioned in #644793, greatest is a superlative degree and there can be only one as such. Hence we dont have to say it was one of the greatest. We can just say, This was the greatest traffic in the world. Or we can say, This was one of the great traffic in the world.

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    He is one of the best persons in the villages. This is one of the famous places in our country.
    This is how we should use this "one of the" like this in the sentences.
    When there are more numbers at the top we can use this phrase one of the to say that there are some more best and what we are mentioning is one among them

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    Isn't "one of the best out there" a phrase?
    In that case you can use superlative degrees. I guess there are some exceptions though.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I don't find anything wrong with the statement "This was one of the greatest traffic in the world". Here, it says this traffic is one among several other great traffic. But the statement "This was the greatest traffic in the world" gives a different meaning. Here it says, this traffic is greater than all other traffic.

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    The author of this thread rightly pointed out the common errors we generally make while writing. In many cases we forget little errors and continue to write until and unless somebody reminds us. These type of errors are generally not notified in various word processing applications and we need to pay attention to these things on our own.

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    'One of the' is a confusing phrase but yes once you get to know the exact meaning and usage you won't get confuse.

    Here are some examples:

    One of the teachers is good at teaching SPOKEN english.

    Pink is one of the colours, I like the most.

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