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    What is that small square which appears on our name bar in the response strips ?

    If you log in to this site and beside our name on the right hand top, there is a small square box and when it is clicked leads to social sites. And the same square box appears in the name bar when we respond to each thread. And we try to open, it is not responding. What is the significance of this square box on address reply bar ? Can anyone clarify this ? If the intention was to share our contents posted here to other social sites, then a link be given at the end of each post , so that we can share the same.
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    When we are opening the thread and trying to make reply also it is going to the pages of ISC on social sites Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, youtube and google. ButI doesn't whether there is any specific purpose or just for information they were given.
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    They are share buttons, you can use these links to share the content on ISC pages that you want to share, on the social media sites.
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    Those square boxes are in fact icons that are not properly set up. Please check the image I have attached. These boxes should look like this. I got these icons because I have correct path for the file and I can see what path website is using for loading these icons are incorrect. I hope the webmaster takes steps to correct this. These square boxes don't look good and serve no meaning.

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    Hi I also want to include footer the bottom of website where 'follow us' is mentioned. Squares after follow us tells nothing where to follow? Once the correct path for these icons added then footer will look like this.


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    Kamal Kishore,

    The issues you have raised about the missing icons to indicate which social media platform it is, has been conveyed to the Webmasters. Thanks for reporting it with clarity.

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