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    What were your silly childhood games?

    All of us have enjoyed some unique games during our childhood, often make-believe ones. Go back to those memories through this thread.

    Childhood is such a phase where every daily usage things become toys and children are smart enough to invent their own imaginative games. I am sure you all must have played some silly childhood games whether indoors or outdoors, whether alone or in the company and I feel it will be a fun to recall them here.

    In our times we did not have so many actual toys at our disposal compared to today's children but still, this did not dampen our spirits. Everything like a pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, sketch pens, pencil box, utensils etc turned into toys for us.

    I recall playing bed cricket and bed football indoors on the bed using ruler and eraser all by my own self. Next, when cousins gathered together at home we played games like home-home where everyone would play different roles like mother, father, sister, brother etc and enact daily schedule of a household with all its activities like cooking, studying, TV, sleeping etc. Similarly, we played train-train where we would simulate journey in a train and do a different kind of things which are done in a train journey. Then I recall playing bus-bus with a box or school pencil box where I used to move the box on the bed saying that it was a bus. On outdoor side when alone, it was common to throw the ball against the ball and catch it in return or else hit it with a bat.

    So what were your silly and special childhood games?
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    Hide and seek , Kulai kulaiai mundirikai, Rolling the old cycle wheel rim, Kolikai, Kuchi Kambu, Kollaankuzhi, Pambaram sutru were my childhood games. I always used to carry Pambaram (Top with a rope ) and Kolikkai (glass balls) in my trouser pocket. Those are the unforgettable days in my life.
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    Playing with pebbles was one among my favorites childhood games. The other's also consisted of & if the readers could understand of the Gilli-Danda & "Current" in which one has to has its stick touches to the brick & if you are caught while the stick is in air then there is punishment for you. One other is to have the tyre of a scooter or of a cycle & run along with it. Kite flying still remained my dream to fulfil.

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    There were many common games we used to play but one activity which was a bit peculiar is still in my memory.

    Near our house there was an open area with trees and bushes at places. In summer we used to make huts with old mats etc and sprinkle water on sides. With wind blowing, it was very nice in the hut and we played ludo or snake & ladder and things like that.

    It was like having a personal friends space. By the time we were in class 7, this activity went in the background and we started playing outdoor games like gulli-danda, football and cricket.

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    You have evoked such beautiful memories. I remember doing all those things that you mentioned.

    These activities might appear 'silly games' to adults, but they actually display creativeness and an intelligent mind. Children who are capable of entertaining themselves, making a game out of whatever little resources available to them, shows a great sense of innovativeness and imagination.

    Another thing my brother and I would do is play 'camping'; we would lay a rug under the dining table and throw sheets to cover the open sides and make ourselves, what we called a 'tent'. Mom would indulge us, by making us a picnic hamper.

    I remember making paper boats and sailing them in a basin of water. We would create a whirlpool and watch them sink. Made paper planes and flew them standing on top of the bed. We also made helicopters, as we called them - we would take a strip of paper, split it two, till half the length and twist the balance and then drop them down from the balcony. They'd twirl as they fell.

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    What are the games mentioned in your response # 644813
    Kulai Kulai Mundrikai
    Kachi Kambu
    Kollaan kuchi
    Please explain. I would like to play all the above games now! I think,Mundrikai is grape fruit.

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    We used to play hide and seek with my sister and friends in the street. We used to play with the rubber ring throwing and catching. We used to play with rubber tyres already used and discarded. Rolling them in the road with a stick is the practice. We used to make small carts with already eaten tadi fruits and roiling them on the roads is a big fun in those days.
    I don't know whether indoor games can be mentioned here. I was learning chess during my high school days. In our house, we are all very fond of playing a special game with playing cards in the house. We used to play this game for long in the nights with all my brothers and sisters. Sometimes my mother and father used to also participate.

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    The childhood days, so far as I remember were the joyful days and we did not possess the costly toys those days. We were satisfied with the play of gilli - danda and the fascinating play was hide and seek being played in the open ground with our eye tied with a handkerchief. Such plays gave us immense pleasure without having an investment of single pennie.
    The indoor - games which fascinated me substantially were Ludo, Carrom - board and Playing - cards. The last game is still my favourite game and there is frequent indulgence with my known circle.

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    During our childhood we used to play many indoor and out door games. As we are more than 15 to 20 close friends, big games are always preferred but when the strength of the friends are less we opt for silly games. Among them are the Eyes-paice- or hide and seek in English, then Gilli -Thanda, cricket, Kabbadi, Ashta Chamma, and Pandi. Pandi is the game where eight box are drawn and the player should shift from one box to other by keeping the head high and without touching the border line. Of course it was the girls game. even boys used to play. And who can forget the marble game which has many sub games.
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