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    Where are our zealous creative authors?!

    Dear ISCians,

    Why the poor response to our Friendship Day story writing contest? Only three entries have come in, to date, and the contest closes on 12th.

    Do show the same enthusiasm as you have always done for creative writing contests!
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    Yes, Madam, I have also observed that only three entries are there so far. My story is almost ready and I am going to submit it within a couple of days due to my busy schedule.
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    I have also noticed the poor response. I feel that many Members have missed it as the contest was announced on Sunday. Some Members may have got confused because another contest was going on on friendship.
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    May be the members does not want to reveal the secret of making friends as it amounts to breach of trust. Any way interest of the members matter the most.
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    Maybe many of the members are in the process of making the story. We have to wait till 12th. Today is 9th only. Another 3 days time is there. There are people who generally respond at the last minute only.
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    Probably, the low response might be due to the contest announcer being an Editor Joyshree. If the contest announcer was our Managing Editor Ms. Vandana, I feel more responses could have poured in.

    Anyway, I am not able to write a story due to I being away from my native village. I am without my destop or laptop. I am not able to use my Mobile phone for story writing. I will try my best to write a story if possible.

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    It would be really sad if Sun's response indicates a possible reason. Why discriminate between contest announcers? The theme of the contest as conceptualized by the editor is so beautiful and the aspect of including a gift item is really lovely. There is a lot of scope for your creative juices to flow. Even the cash awards should entice members to participate, surely.

    Members are aware that all contests are first approved by the Webmasters and that there is a jury panel for deciding the winners of every contest. So what on earth does it matter who announces it?

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    "Even the cash awards should entice members to participate, surely."----------Is it so? I humbly disagree. If any Member reads the announcement thread and if he/she can develop the story following all given conditions, then the Member will surely submit the entry.

    I also don't agree that the less number of participants is due to the fact that the thread has been announced by an Editor. I think that timing is the main culprit. The Editor announced it in the early morning of last Sunday. So, many Members have missed it.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I also don't feel that the less number of participation is due to the fact that the announcement is made by an Editor. It is not at all a matter for participation. Finally, it is a contest of ISC only. Cash rewards may be an attraction but many people know that all participants will not get prizes. Even then they participate as they feel participation itself is a privilege to them. I still feel that many more will come in the coming three days. Let us wait and see.
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    During the last 2 months there are on an average more number of contests than the usual average in the preceding months. That is the main reason which I perceive for this lukewarm response.

    Everyone has a capacity of writing and one can not attempt so many contests simultaneously.

    So everythin is intact here - the participants and their enthusiasm including the competitive spirit.

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    Well writing about friendship again and again is taxing. Thats what I feel. Because even regular contestants haven't entered the competition. Maybe as Mr.Rao pointed out everyone is going to submit exactly on the closing date.
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    Contest announcer could not be a reason at all. Though I don't respond to all posts, I log on to ISC everyday and check all posts. But I don't see the author or announcer. I don't even know the names of many editors and even active members. Like me, many are there, who just see the content and not the announcer.

    With respect to contest entry, we should wait till the due date. But this post is good and act as a reminder.

    Sri Vetri
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    #644906:"I don't even know the names of many editors and even active members."

    A quite interesting response. Many of us don't know the who's who in the union cabinet. Not necessary to know also when everything goes well for us. Isn't it?


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    Here it is not to compare the virtual world with the real one. I think not knowing the people is one of the advantages of social network. Here I come to know the content or the perspectives of different people and that is satisfied.
    Sri Vetri
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    This thread has served it's purpose, since then there have been 4 more submissions. The delay would be more to do with time and personal prioritization of the each regular member. We have had many contests and a good response to most of them.
    To me, it's more like out of sight out of mind and a reminder helps a lot.

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    That is a rather presumptuous response given by Sun. It would be interesting to know what prompted him to think that way.

    My reason for not participating had to do with a rule, particularly rule # 7. Listing the 'gift' before beginning the story did not make sense to me. I did not understand how it was critical to the competition.

    The gift was key to the story that was instantly conceived in my mind, as I read through the announcement thread. But, the rule # 7 became a problem for me. Divulging the gift on the onset would have revealed the dramatic ending, killing the plot.

    The story I had in mind revolved around the gift of life, of hope and of many tomorrows.

    "Not necessary to know also when everything goes well for us. Isn't it?"

    Not really. Not in ISC at least. Here, the unwritten rules expect that members know everything about other members.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    I used the word probably. Generally, such story writing contests are announced by Madam ME only. The editor Joyshree is new and has not announced such contests in the past. Moreover, she has put up conditions which may not be liked by the members, like you felt with rule #7.

    No life without Sun

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